"While seeking suppliers - we found confidence in the future." Reviews of visitors in the exhibition

16.03.2022 г.

The 11th International Exhibition of Fabrics and Textile Materials INTERFABRIC-2022.Spring has come to an end. We still have a lot of work to do to sum up the final results, which we will definitely share with you in the near future. Today we would just like to share with you our impressions of the exhibition that has just ended - both the exposition and the meaningful events filled with relevant meanings of a truly new reality. Together with us the most impartial witnesses of our success will do it - the visitors in the exhibition, whom we rightfully consider our dear guests.

“We regularly come to this exhibition: companies with which we constantly work are exhibited here. Therefore, we are here for a specific purpose - as manufacturers of children's textiles, finished products, we are looking for suppliers of fabrics and accessories. And INTERFABRIC helps a lot in this. This is, on the one hand, a meeting place with our partners - and a very well organized place; on the other hand, we always find here something new that we can then use in our production. This year, we see that there are more companies, the range has expanded, and this cannot but rejoice, because there are more opportunities for us,” says Alexander, representative of the Your Smile brand (Vladimir).


“Impressions from the exhibition are excellent. Unfortunately, we got there only on the last day, because we were flying from Vladivostok. We flew specifically to this exhibition: we produce our own line of sportswear, we are also engaged in manufacturing, we work a lot with the footer. Here at the exhibition we look at what opportunities are available now, what will remain, and perhaps will appear in the future. We are very glad that we still managed to visit the show: we liked everything very much, there are many companies, everyone is willing and easy to make contacts, it is especially pleasant that everyone has a positive attitude. Now there is a difficult time for the apparel industry, and seeing such an attitude, you yourself are charged with positive, you gain confidence that everything will be fine with us, ”says Vladimir, a representative of the Bai Dance company (Vladivostok).

“We are not for the first time at this exhibition, and we always like everything. In fact we have been working with many of the factories represented here for a long time, we appreciate the exhibition for the opportunity to see everything and resolve all issues in one place and not waste our time traveling to offices. We are a Russian company engaged in the production and sale of children's clothing, here we meet with our partners and we always manage to find new contacts. Another plus is that at the INTERFABRIC exhibition we can not only learn about the latest products offered by a variety of companies, but also get acquainted with trends, fashion trends, which is very important for children's clothing. We are closely following all this, and perhaps that is why we manage to win prizes at specialized competitions dedicated to fashion. And the exhibition contributes to this very well,” says Elena, designer at Fit Band (Moscow).

“We came to the exhibition for the second time. Impressions are very good. Now this event is all the more important because in the current realities it is very necessary to understand who and what will sell, where the market will move. INTERFABRIC gives a clear and detailed answer to these questions. For us the great advantage of the exhibition is that it is a specialized exhibition of fabrics and accessories. That is, here you can find exactly what is needed for production, this is important for us, as for manufacturers of women's and children's clothing, who come from afar with a specific request for fabrics,” says Natalia, representative of the Kalinka factory (Minsk, Belarus).

“We have our own sewing shop, we are engaged in the production of ready-made knitwear which we distribute both in Moscow and throughout Russia. We come to every INTERFABRIC exhibition since its opening and we always find here everything we need. A wonderful exhibition, I like everything very much, everything is well organized, everything is well presented, the assortment is very different, there is plenty to choose from, for Russia this is actually a rarity,” says Emil Ismail-Zade, a representative of the Anya company (Ivanovo).

“For the first time we came to the INTERFABRIC exhibition. Our goal is to see which Russian manufacturers are working today, whether they will be able to meet the demand, which will now grow very much - this is the main thing that probably worries everyone today. And the first impressions of the exhibition are just great, we like everything, there are really a lot of companies,” says Victoria of PTS JSC (Podolsk).


“We all really like it. We have our own contract sewing production, we work a lot to order, so we constantly have to look for new high-quality fabrics and various accessories. But we cannot say that this is the most important thing for us. It was at this exhibition that we came not just to get acquainted with the exposition and meet with suppliers - it was very important and interesting for us to attend business meetings, at which they tell in great detail about everything related to the present and future of our Russian textile industry. We can say that we came this year for ideas. And we found them. Thanks for this to the organizers of the exhibition and business events,” says Maria, a representative of “Caprissimo” (Voronezh).

“I visit exhibitions very often and I have a well-established idea of ​​which of them will bring results, where to go in order not to lose time. If we talk about the INTERFABRIC exhibition this is a wonderful exhibition. I was looking for a working fabric - we are interested in this for sewing five thousand suits, and the assortment presented here is very wide, that is, we came here for a reason. From the point of view of organizing the exhibition, everything is very clearly organized, thank you very much,” says Lyudmila, a representative of Safety System (Moscow).

“We are manufacturers of children's outerwear, we regularly attend the INTERFABRIC exhibition, we visit it every year. We know almost all the manufacturers that are present here, we cooperate with many, but here you can always find something new and interesting. It has never happened that we came here in vain, wasting our time aimlessly: the exhibition always brings good results,” says Diana, representative of the Favorit Band company (Moscow).

“We are not currently engaged in professional production, but we are only planning to start our own business. And they came here to look around, to get their bearings: it is very convenient when almost the entire market is concentrated in one place, as we see here, at the INTERFABRIC exhibition. And for us it is also an opportunity to understand in which direction it is better to start developing. In any case, having visited the INTERFABRIC exhibition, we confirmed our intention to open our own business - entrepreneurs at the stands exude so much confidence. Of course, as potential partners, we are primarily looking for Russian manufacturers - neither Turkey nor China are of interest to us, since international cooperation today, I think, is no longer relevant,” says Ekaterina from Yekaterinburg.

See you September 7–9 at the 12th International Exhibition of Fabrics and Textile Materials "INTERFABRIC-2022. Autumn"!

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