Exhibition sections

Clothing fabrics

The main section of the exhibition: fabrics for the production of dresses, blouses, skirts, trousers, jackets, vests, coats, jackets and other products.

Knitted fabrics

A wide range of knitwear for the manufacture of cut knitwear - from underwear to outerwear

Yarn and threads

Yarn of russian and foreign companies, from natural and artificial fibers, for the manufacture of a wide range of knitted and crocheted products

Decorative and interior fabrics

Fabrics for interior design, finished products for home, office and horeca segment, from towels and bed linen to complex interior solutions

Smart fabrics for sports and active lifestyles

Special fabrics and systems for the production of clothing for sports, active lifestyles, uniforms and special clothes

Accessories, finishing materials, haberdashery

Technological and innovative buttons, zippers, fasteners, eyelets, buttons, rivets and other accessories

Auxiliary and related products, components

Components for production equipment, necessary materials for repair and maintenance

Textile raw materials, dyes

Products for the manufacture of textiles and textile products, finishing, dyeing, processing and improving the properties of fabrics and non-woven materials

Technical textiles and non-woven materials

Textiles for construction, roadwork, automotive, modeling and other industries

Medical textiles

Textile materials for the manufacture of medical supplies, including antiseptic group

Printing on fabrics

Digital printing complexes on natural and synthetic fabrics and
Other textile materials, consumables and accessories

Industry organizations, associations, mass media and others

Industry companies, institutes, media, logistics, equipment, etc.