Andrey Semenov, Untex Group: interest in production and production itself in Russia is developing not stopping

01.04.2022 г.
One of the most notable stands at INTERFABRIC was the stand of UNTEX. Untex Group is a leading integrated textile company with over 20 years of experience in the textile sector. Here activities such as the production of cotton yarn, knitted fabrics, dyeing of knitted fabrics, pattern printing and sewing of ready-made clothes are carried out. 

Andrey Semenov, a representative of the company, shared his impressions of the exhibition with us.

– You are one of the largest textile companies represented in Russia. What are the main areas of production involved in the last time?

– Our factory is located in Turkey. We produce sheets from 40 to 45 tons per day. The capacities of our factory allow us to carry out a full production cycle - knitting, dyeing, stuffing. The range of knitted fabrics produced by Untex Group is diverse: stockinette, interlock, velor, terry, two- and three-thread footer, ribana, cashmere, pique, melano-academic, devoré, flam and raschel. That is we present a full range of canvases. The assortment is designed for both expensive and cheaper markets, including children's clothing market, the so-called simplified shirt products and so on. We also have the ability to apply patterns to all types of knitted fabrics thanks to such packing technologies as reactive, glitter and DJB.

- How long have you been on the market? Is the geography of your presence in Russia wide?

- The factory has been operating for more than 25 years, in Russia the office is located in Moscow - in Dzerzhinsky, there are branches in Ivanovo and Pyatigorsk. In addition, a warehouse with an area of ​​​​about 4.5 thousand square meters is constantly operating in Moscow, which is more than 1,500 tons of linen in stock. Only in the capital, about 35 tons of our canvases are sold per day.

- What are the company's plans for the future?


- Now we are building a factory in the city of Rodniki, Ivanovo region, the planned start of production is the end of March - the beginning of April 2022, the full launch is mid-July. Production in the Ivanovo region will occupy an area of ​​39,000 square meters. The company's employees working in production are 1600-1700 people. This factory will also be full cycle with the latest production and processing equipment. There will even be equipment that is not present at the main factory in Turkey - for example, high-end cold dyeing technology for better processing. So the project that is being launched in the Ivanovo region is the largest project at this stage in the Ivanovo region, and the factory is the largest complete cycle in Russia, at least in the next one and a half to two years.

- Is your confidence backed by something?

– We know our prospects from sources that supervise us and report to the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, which is trying to help us do all this well and successfully. The governor of the Ivanovo region showed great assistance. So we will be glad to see the paintings of our production, presented in Russia and in a warehouse in Moscow.

– What did participation in the INTERFABRIC exhibition give you this year?

– At the INTERFABRIC exhibition, we always look forward to meeting with our large and small customers in order to present certain types of designer novelties on viscose, printed, digital fabrics. This year we presented new ways of weaving, which previously it was possible to produce only for Europe, and now we are already moving into the period that we provide our new products to Russia.

– And how can you assess the impact of recent events on the textile market in general?

- Demand and demand from the Russian manufacturer has become very thin, we see a very great desire to be not only in the trend, but also to lead all kinds of knitwear technologies, various knitwear. We also see that, despite the events, interest in production in Russia and the production itself in Russia is developing does not stop. And people know that if they can be useful today and now, then it will be interesting tomorrow. And everyone, including us, is striving for this.

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