Poplin, romfors, satin. Natural fabrics from Uzbekistan from Osiyo Home Tech company - at INTERTKAN exhibition

03.03.2022 г.
OSIYO HOME TECH specializes in the production of cotton fabric for the production of bed linen and sets. The company operates in its own production facilities in the Namangan region of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

A wide range of modern equipment from the world's leading manufacturers is used for production, which allows us to produce a large range of high-quality products that can satisfy a most demanding customer.

The production capacity of the enterprise is 12,000 linear meters of fabric per day.

The width of the fabric produced ranges from 160 to 240 cm, the surface density is from 100 to 250 g / sq. m

OSIYO HOME TECH produces materials such as poplin, romforce, satin, stripe satin. All of them have a number of advantages:

  • excellent hygroscopic properties – the material absorbs moisture;
  • fabrics made of natural fibers do not cause allergic reactions on the skin;
  • on a hot summer day, it is easy and comfortable to wear products made of these fabrics;
  • soft to the touch material does not irritate the skin;
  • fabrics are easy to care for and can be subjected to regular washing.

Osyo.jpgDespite the abundance of synthetic fabrics that have appeared as a result of progress in the weaving business, the best and most popular are cuts from natural fibers.

They have been accompanying a person in all spheres of life for centuries, leaving leadership behind them. And this is well deserved, because with all the advantages, synthetics cannot compete with cotton. One of these leaders is the poplin fabric, which deserves close attention.

This double-sided fabric is made by traditional linen weaving, but from threads of different caliber. The base is made of thin, smooth fibers, and the weft threads are much thicker (one and a half, two times) and rougher, due to which the canvas is obtained with a light ribbed relief. The canvas that conquered Europe, and after it the whole world, is today the most popular material for bed linen, although it is used for many other things.

Poplin has outstanding characteristics - dense, but soft, smooth and pleasant to the touch - the unique weave gives good density, but does not make the fabric rough.

The best samples of Osiyo Home Tech products will be presented at the collective stand of the Republic of Uzbekistan - Pavilion 2, Hall 3, 23E02.

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