"TkanBerry": "INTERFABRIC" gives hope for qualitative development of the market

25.04.2023 г.
TkanBerry: textile exhibition INTERFABRIC gives hope for qualitative development of the marketA constant exhibitor of INTERFABRIC exhibition is the TkanBerry company. The company has been working with Chinese manufacturers for more than 15 years and during this time a good portfolio of suppliers has gathered in the database. The management carefully monitors the availability of all permits and certificates of conformity for all supplied canvases.

Since 2006 the company has been supplying the Russian market with quilted and raincoat fabrics, knitwear, faux sheepskin coats, faux fur, suede and overcoat fabrics. According to Irina Belevskaya, General Director, TkanBerry is a reliable "bridge" when searching for the necessary canvas from manufacturers in China, when the search for Russian companies was unsuccessful.

The company has a lot of good and reliable professional connections in China. At present for Russian partners "TkanBerry" can offer an up-to-date service for finding the necessary canvas (or a very close analogue) by name, sample or description. It happens that Russian wholesalers cannot find what they need, therefore this service becomes in demand among manufacturers. And since the supply chain under this scheme is as the shortest, the price is quite reasonable for partners.

This season the company presented a number of new products - they were the focus of TkanBerry booth at INTERFABRIC-2023.Spring. Irina Belevskaya notes the growth in quality of newcomers among visitors:

– Visitors from Yalta became a bright discovery for us at this exhibition. Crimea is just opening up for us. Traditionally, of course, the central part of Russia dominates among the visitors of the exhibition. There are more narrowly focused, niche novice manufacturers. People come already with specific requests and even miscalculations and forecasts. This gives hope for a qualitative development of the market, which cannot but please us as suppliers because it means a rapid growth of potential contracts.

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