A novelty for automatic sewing lines was presented by Krasnaya Nit plant

18.04.2023 г.
A novelty for automatic sewing lines was presented by Krasnaya Nit plantA permanent participant of the INTERFABRIC exhibition, Krasnaya Nit spinning and thread mill, will celebrate its 175th anniversary next year. 

The plant has a wide range of clients in all regions of Russia, CIS and Baltic countries. This season, the company introduced a novelty for clothing production - Nevka threads. 

They have improved sewing properties due to additional technological processing. Nevka threads have perfectly proven themselves on the automatic line for sewing bed linen. 

The presentation of the novelty took place at INTERFABRIC-2023.Spring.

The history of the plant goes back to 1849. Today Krasnaya Nit produces a wide range of threads for various industries:

- sewing,
- shoe,
- knitted,
- leather goods,
- for the production of furniture,
- tare thread for sewing bags.

All products have a certificate of conformity with the Russian State Standard. All threads are right hand twisted and finished with a modern emulsion that provides protection against overheating of the thread and reduces friction. The color map has 250 positions. Each client will find threads to suit their needs, because the length of the winding in the reel varies from 200 to 5000 m.

According to the nature of their activities over the past two years, analysts at Krasnaya Nit have noted growth in the sector of sportswear, construction workwear and military uniforms. As Nikita Khrulev, General Director of the plant, notes, “the apparel industry market in our country is always developing steadily, there is always a demand for new products. We want to keep up with the market, develop and grow, produce new things.”

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