The Karo company is the winner of the professional competitions of the INTERFABRIC exhibition

15.04.2022 г.
karo-group.jpgThe Karo group of companies is a modern textile production in the CIS and the Baltic countries, which occupies a leading position in terms of the volume and quality of its products. Over the years of work at the production facility, located in the city of Obninsk, Kaluga Region, many different methods of fabric processing, the production of finished textile products, home textiles, as well as clothing - from casual and corporate to professional sportswear, have been mastered here.

"Karo" is a regular participant in INTERFABRIC, successfully presenting its products, taking leading places and receiving high marks from the expert community. This spring the company became the winner of the INTERFABRIC-2021 professional competition and the Textile Design Awards. Oleg Bocharov, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, and Andrey Razbrodin, President of SOYUZLEGPROM, presented the company with an award in the Sustainable Development nomination.

The company's products are supplied to the factories of almost all regions of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the EU. Karo continues to expand its product range by introducing the latest technologies into production, which are unique both for the Russian and international markets. The company's technologists are constantly conducting scientific research, introducing new design solutions into the production and processing of textiles. The production regularly brings fresh designs and developments to the market, and releases exclusive collections every six months.

“We have several departments and subdivisions in which the main activities are distributed: the creation of fabric designs, sublimation printing on fabrics, quilting, the production of insulation, synthetic winterizer, clothing production, the production of sportswear, the wholesale of fabrics for fashion and the wholesale of fabrics for sports of high achievements, - says Elena Valentinovna Maftei, deputy general director and co-founder of the company. – We dress the national teams of Russia in all sports. Since 2005 we have had a quilting production, now we are mastering a new production of membrane fabrics - research work has already been completed. We managed to import Italian, Swiss equipment literally at the end of last year, in December. Now there are laboratory works, where we are experimenting with tissues, membranes, doing tests.”

Karo is the largest quilting production in the CIS occupying a leading position in terms of volume and quality of products. Over the years many different methods of fabric stitching have been mastered, ranging from simple shuttles to rubber threads, stitching on special fabrics of various properties and parameters. Work is underway with fur, leatherette and other complex materials. A new direction has been opened - a line for printing on T-shirts, jackets, jackets and other products, as well as a line for printing on fabrics in rolls. Karo continues to expand the range of its products, introducing into production new, unique stitch technologies for the Russian market, which are demonstrated at international exhibitions, including INTERFABRIC.

“We have been participating in this exhibition since the very first day,” says Elena Valentinovna. – The exhibition has grown a lot. The Autumn one even exceeded the previous, it was very successful. We are glad".

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