Industry marketplace has launched a training system for entrepreneurs.

11.05.2022 г.
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Interest in the marketplace as a way to restore broken supply chains is noticeably growing. Dozens of new manufacturers join the platform – now there are more than 200,000 products on the marketplace, most of which are from manufacturers of Russia and the Republic of Belarus. At the same time there is a rapid increase in the number of orders and the size of the average receipt.

The B2B market continues to establish contacts with suppliers. Thus, negotiations on working conditions on the platform of large foreign manufacturers in apparel industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan, China and Turkey are currently being completed;

Taking into account the growing attention to the project, has launched a training system on how to accept orders and promote goods on the market. A series of training videos that will help you figure out how to work in the marketplace is posted on the SOYUZLEGPROM Youtube channel. In addition, if users still have questions, they can put them by mail: .

If you already sell your products on our market through an individual B2B system, we have added two important pricing functions especially for you.

An individual B2B system (a personal platform that you get when you connect to the market) can be freely used for sales to current wholesale customers. This is convenient if you do not have the time and resources to develop your own online store. Example of an individual B2B system: / – wholesale seller of gymnastics uniforms.

Since flexible pricing is important in modern conditions, we have implemented two important functions at your request:

• Display of personal prices. You can divide your customers into groups and upload your price list for each of them. Immediately after authorization, the user will have his price displayed without the need for clarification.
• Volume discounts. You can set discounts depending on the order volume. Your customers will see their benefits already in the shopping cart when placing an order.

All additional information about the unified industry marketplace is available on the project's website..

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