MIRTEX: we are not just operating as usual, but also opening new production facilities

18.04.2022 г.
mirtex.jpgIvanovo region has always been famous for its textile history and some even consider it a stronghold of all textile production in Russia. One of the most famous factories in the region and entire country is MIRTEX, located in the city of Furmanov.

The factory occupies a strong leading position in the market due to a wide product range, excellent price-quality ratio and constant updating of the knitted fabric design.

Anna Stepanova, designer of MIRTEX, told how and what the enterprise lives today and shared her impressions about the INTERFABRIC exhibition:

We have our own production of knitted fabric. We knit, we dye, we apply stuffing. We have a very large assortment - from knitted smoothness to velsoft: we produce both interlock, and footer, three-thread and two-thread, and ribana, and cashkorse, and terry, and velor, and fleece, and jacquard.

We have been participating in INTERFABRIC for many years, we come every season - both in spring and autumn. Of the novelties this year, we presented only a new type of velsoft - visitors called it “fluffy”. The rest of the items have always been in stock.

mirtex-intertkan.2022.jpgWe take part in the exhibition despite the difficult time. In principle, we are holding on: we do not have any cuts, we work as usual - exactly the same as always, that is, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The production works in four shifts. The only thing is that prices have risen slightly, but this has not affected our production in any way. There has been less demand for certain positions, but the main assortment is going well.

Moreover, we are opening new production facilities this year, and we plan to launch two bleaching lines literally next month. In addition, we are constantly acquiring new equipment - for example, this year we have new machines for knitting shoelaces.

At the exhibition we had a fairly large traffic, there were a lot of visitors. These are large customers, and those who, to our surprise, did not even know about us. But in principle, we always have a lot of people: we do not intersect with other companies in any way, so our target customers come to us. So we are satisfied with the results of the exhibition.

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