President of the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs in Textile and Apparel Industry Andrei Razbrodin: “Coordination and integration are important today”.

29.03.2022 г.

March 14th, 2022. Expocentre Fair Grounds. At the opening of the XI International Exhibition of Fabrics and Textile Materials INTERFABRIC-2022.Spring Andrey Razbrodin answered questions about the current situation in the industry and the prospects for its development..

– What measures are being taken to support the industry in the current economic situation?

— SOYUZLEGPROM was the first association that offered to the Government measures to support the industry. An operational headquarters was created that works and constantly updates these proposals. If at first we wrote what needs to be done, now we explain how. 

It is important that these measures are comprehensive. Some of them are financial in nature, some are regulatory, measures for joint development. For example, the markets of Russia and Belarus are now merging, and the transition to settlements in Rubles. In such conditions, coordination and integration are important.

Андрей Разбродин

– What will the Russian Textile Week bring to the industry?

- Any exhibition, like other similar events, provides an opportunity for a better internal cooperation. The fragmentation of the industry is still the case. The government did not take it seriously, treating it according to the last in line principle. For example, we see good results in agriculture, which receives serious state support. We would like it to be the same with us, but for this we need to unite. The exhibition is a productive communication between different market players, which will help such a union.

– How has the composition of the participants in ITERFABRIC changed this year?

- It has not changed significantly. In recent years the composition of European companies has become somewhat smaller, which is understandable, since fewer fabrics are being produced in Europe. They are mainly produced in the East. These are Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, India, Uzbekistan. The exhibition has expanded, we have added another two thousand square meters. All places for exhibitors were booked long before it started.

- What plans do you have for the future?

- At the next INTERFABRIC, which will be held from September 7 to 9, 2022, we plan to expand the exposition of Turkey, increase the number of sites for colleagues from Uzbekistan. We are waiting for guests from China, where covid restrictions are gradually being lifted, and from India. We believe that we now have a whole range of new opportunities for expanding cooperation.

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