Medas: a huge range and an emphasis on quality

12.10.2022 г.
For more than 15 years Medas has been the market leader in knitted fabrics. Regular updating of the assortment and monitoring of color trends allows us to keep the largest color map in stock. A personal manager is always in touch with the company's clients.

For the convenience of the customers the office warehouse and showroom are located in one place. Shipment of goods is possible immediately after placing an order.

The factories are equipped with high-tech modern equipment which makes it possible to produce both standard fabrics and also delight with textile novelties. The assortment includes not only basic positions but also canvases with various treatments, high-tech impregnations and unique properties. The company is constantly expanding its warehouse line with the latest innovations in the fashion world.

Yanina Ryabtseva, marketing director, tells about the assortment, work with clients and participation in the INTERFABRIC exhibition:

– We brought 96 items of knitted fabric to the exhibition. Separately presented preselected samples of fabrics. In general, we can make everything under the order: fabrics of any density, texture, composition.
We work with all manufacturers who sew knitwear: with beginner designers and with the largest Russian enterprises.

We have been on the market for 15 years, we have branches in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Minsk. We provide our customers with a wide range of products while focusing on quality. It is convenient to work with us, each client is provided with a personal manager. There is a technologist on staff, so clients turn to us for advice with questions about how to set up and launch something. We help everyone.

With the departure of foreign firms from the market buyers have new requests. For example, at an exhibition, an old customer approached us with a request for a fabric for the production of thermal underwear. Now such products will be in demand.

According to Yanina, nothing can replace the live communication and tactile contact that the exhibition provides.

- We have been participating in INTERFABRIC since its inception, twice a year. We are growing and scaling together with the exhibition. Our booth has doubled during this time.
At the exhibition it is important for us to meet old customers and new ones. For our products tactile sensations are very important, the client needs to feel the fabric, see it, understand it, take samples. We have a collection of velvet and velor footers, all customers feel them, they are incredibly soft. And it is impossible to convey these sensations in words, tactile contact is necessary. In general, any knitwear client will find something interesting with our company, we work with all segments.

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