SAB fittings: modern technological solutions with a rich history

24.10.2022 г.
SAB is one of the most influential enterprises in China's textile and clothing industry.

With extensive advantages in the production of buttons, zippers, metal products and other items, the company focuses on "one-stop sourcing for clothing accessories."

SAB's five industrial factories in China annually produce 100 billion buttons and more than 6.5 billion meters of zippers and develop more than 7,000 new product designs every year.

Advanced manufacturing techniques, innovative design and an extensive testing program ensure the highest quality of manufacture’s products.

At the INTERFABRIC-2022. Autumn exhibition the SAB's representatives spoke about the company, assortment, new products and interesting samples:

- We brought ready-made product samples to the exhibition, but we work mainly on order. We supply almost all accessories: zippers, buttons, buttons, laces, locks.

We have a lot of interesting new products this fall. For example, zippers that do not damage the skin. There are interesting technological solutions associated with the hood - when you turn your head, the hood moves after it. This is very important when tailoring collections of sportswear. At our booth, as a rule, we meet all medium and large-scale clothing manufacturers. But of course, we are ready to cooperate with everyone who uses fittings in production.

Of the interesting samples I would like to pay attention to reinforced zippers that can be closed more than 100 thousand times. We also offer waterproof, reflective and other zippers.
The INTERFABRIC exhibition always gives us a good opportunity to expand our customer base, introduce new products to customers and announce the brand in order to increase its recognition. We have been working on the Russian market for three years, although the brand itself has existed since 1976.

Live communication at the exhibition is very important for us. Here you can understand what is generally happening in the market. Hardware is hard to sell online. You need to touch it to see all the functionality. And the exhibition is the best solution for this. We participated in INTERFABRIC both last year and this year and we hope to continue this productive cooperation.

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