Interest in tweed and natural fabrics: Furtex presented new collections.

26.09.2022 г.
Furtex is a permanent participant of INTERFABRIC

Furteks was founded in 2003 and is a supplier of fabrics of various raw materials and textures for the production of clothing. The main direction is fabrics with natural compositions.

Stylish and individual collections of Furtex designer prints make it possible to create clothes that are in high commercial demand among consumers. In addition to wholesales we offer small wholesale (from 5 meters) for shops and ateliers.

Director General Sergey Belyaev talks about the situation on the market, import substitution and the prospects of the company. Despite the sanctions and rising prices there are reasons for optimism, the head of Furteks believes:

We have been present on the market for over 17 years. We choose prints and create collections ourselves. If we work with stripes we select everything in one color of different designs, different widths. These fabrics can be combined with each other. Also we select companions for them, a plain fabric. With such an assortment it is easier to make a capsule collection. If the fabric is in stock the customer can take 2-3 meters for a trial sample. He has the opportunity to try the fabric at work and not take risks by placing a large order.

In 2022 logistics prices have risen significantly and raw material prices have also risen. On the other hand, foreign brands have left the country, and Russian manufacturers can produce fabrics and sew clothes just as well. This allows you to create new jobs. So we have reason to be optimistic.

If we talk about the assortment, after a few years of break, interest in tweed has again arisen. Natural fabrics are very popular: cotton, linen, viscose. Moreover people are willing to pay more for these fabrics. We partner with textile design companies that develop print designs and sell them electronically. These designs can be bought both from us and in Europe, and then projects can be implemented at the factory.

Sergey Belyaev also spoke about the work of the company at the exhibition:

– We regularly participate in INTERFABRIC twice a year for several years. The main task for us at the exhibition is to increase the customer base and the sales volume of the goods we offer. We also study demand in order to offer customers more of the product they need in the future. At the exhibition we study the needs of customers, display ourselves - we attract new customers and remind old ones of ourselves.

This is a good opportunity to show your assortment to a large number of people in a short period of time. The format of the exhibition is now very relevant, since the Internet excludes live communication, and personal contact means a lot and allows you to work more efficiently. Online communication is an additional tool, but it does not replace face-to-face contact.

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