Production facilities in Russia are an important competitive advantage of TM BlackRam

27.09.2022 г.
Since 2021 Blackram has been focusing on quality, paying attention to research and development and quick mastering of new technologies.

The optimal ratio of price and quality, a wide product range, constant updating of knitted fabric allowed the company to occupy its niche in the list of manufacturers of textile products. For production of a cloth Turkish technologies are observed, high-quality raw materials and the latest Japanese dyes are used.

From the beginning Blackram puts the requirements and expectations of the client at the forefront. And just a year later the young company becomes an exhibitor at the INTERFABRIC 2022.Autumn exhibition - for the first time in its history. We spoke with sales manager Zaira Nurmagomedova:

– We brought the most popular items to the exhibition: cotton satin stitch, lycra satin stitch, 2-thread footer and 3-thread fleece, 3-thread loop. This range is of interest to manufacturers of sports, home and children's clothing.
We have a young factory, we opened recently and participated in the exhibition for the first time.

We entered the market and wanted to make ourselves known at INTERFABRIC to collect a client base. The interest of potential customers - visitors to our booth - was immediately visible, since we produce very high-quality products in the shortest possible time and at the same time we are located nearby, in Russia. We fulfill the order for canvases within 3-10 days. Fabrics are delivered from Turkey within 1.5 months, and our client receives an order in a maximum of 10 days.

This is a very important competitive advantage, so our fabrics are in demand, for example, for the production of promotional products when deadlines are running out. In addition, since we are manufacturers we set the minimum prices for the quality of the products that we offer.

We really liked the exhibition, we expect good results. Now the trend is import substitution, the influx of potential customers is large. Many brands have left Russia, so we will produce fabrics ourselves. Our factory is just starting to gain momentum, but we already have big ambitions. For the new season, we have purchased new equipment, a full cycle, and we hope that we will cope with all the tasks.

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