Fabric Market: the exhibition is a great, a new level experience for the team.

12.09.2022 г.
The Fabric Market company (trademarks "Marya-Iskussnitsa", Fabric Market) was founded in 2016 and has been providing wholesale and retail customers with high-quality fabrics and linens for six years. At INTERFABRIC-2022. Autumn, the company's booth presented high-quality sateens from China and Turkey, diversified plush of its own production and fabrics for bed linen and the production of home textiles, as well as fabrics for children's clothing (muslin, cotton, flannel ). The company presented the production of knitted fabrics as a separate area - from satin stitch and garters to footer and interlock.

Alena Grigorieva, founder and head of the company, tells about the history of creating a business and the tasks that were achieved during the exhibition:

“Our story started out in an interesting way. First it was a hobby. When my child was born and he was a year old, I became interested in needlework and decided to try sewing. I started looking for fabrics and quickly realized that there were problems in this area. There was a shortage of natural fabrics, such as 100% cotton. And for a child, I needed just such a fabric.

Our local production offered coarse calico and chintz, but I wanted something more. I tried to buy fabric in China, my first order was only 20 meters. I liked the quality and colors. From this all started.
We have been on the market for the seventh year. My husband at the very beginning, at the start of development, supported me and helped my hobby grow into a business. And a year later he left his job, and our business became a joint one. All six years we have been growing and developing.

Until now, our main product range has been natural cotton fabrics, mainly for children. These are Chinese satins of very good quality. Back in China, we produce plush, which is used for home and children's textiles. A few months ago, we visited Turkish exhibitions and decided to deal with the Turkish, not only retail, but also wholesale. Now we have established contracts with Turkish factories that produce fabrics and fabrics with a natural composition: knitted fabrics, fabrics for home, waffle fabric, satin, terry fabric. We are actively developing this direction and we came to the exhibition in order to collect a client base.

Алена-Григорьева-Fabric-Market-.jpgWe have opened a new line of business, in particular, we have our own digital printing workshop on natural fabrics. That is, we can produce various fabrics and canvases with any prints. In general, our main task is the development of new business lines.

Our products are also presented on marketplaces. Recently this sales channel has grown tremendously, and we could not leave it unattended and are now actively using it.

At the start of our business, which, I repeat, began with my hobby, we launched groups on VKontakte, where an atmosphere of direct and live communication with people was created. And we have kept this group in which we actively communicate with our new and regular customers. They send us photos of their work, their creativity is impressive!
Our store has a soul. This is exactly what marketplaces lack, unfortunately. Therefore, we are looking for new partners primarily at the exhibition.

According to Alena Grigoryeva, a professional industry exhibition is a great experience for employees, as here you can communicate with people, customers, and reach a new level.

We participated in INTERFABRIC-2022. Autumn for the first time, - says the head of the Fabric Market. – But for five years they were your regular visitors – they watched, watched, sought to participate. At the exhibition, we successfully introduced the market to our new range, made acquaintances, found potential customers. All this is very informative and interesting. We have enjoyed the work immensely. Feedback from consumers, which is well established by the organizers of the event, helps us to become better and develop.

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