"Print Textile" - competitive advantages for clothing manufacturers

19.09.2022 г.
INTERFABRIC-2022. Autumn presented the products of the Moscow digital textile manufactory Print Textile (Cherry Pie Group), which provides printing services on natural and synthetic fabrics in rolls, and also sews finished products. At its booth the company, in addition to new products, "live" demonstrated new technologies for printing on textiles.

The clients of the digital textile manufactory "Print Textile" have access to a wide range of services: printing on natural and synthetic fabrics in rolls; printing on finished products; tailoring of finished products with a full seal - T-shirts, sweatshirts, bandanas, as well as shoppers, decorative pillows and storage accessories; tailoring of clothes and souvenirs from fabric with the possibility of drawing an image.

The printing and sewing workshops of the enterprise are located in the center of Moscow, and potential customers, especially designers and manufacturers, can take mini-excursions around the production and see the quality of materials and tailoring.

At INTERFABRIC-2022.Autumn the company's employees presented samples of direct and sublimation printing on rolled fabrics as well as DTF printing on finished products. Maria Tolkacheva, sales manager at Print Textile, shared her impressions of participation in the exhibition:

- We regularly participate in INTERFABRIC and we appreciate the effect of this well-known event in the industry very highly. We took part in the spring exhibition in March, and we still receive requests from the contacts that we made then. Both our management and the entire Print Textile team are sure that it was participation in the exhibition that made the brand recognizable and attracted new customers.

Today people want not only to read information on the Internet - they need both tactile sensations and visuals. The Internet still does not give the fullness of sensations. Many people want to touch fabrics and materials, see with their own eyes how the print looks on the fabric, which print suits which types of fabrics, which textures, so exhibitions are very important. This is an effective tool for interacting with potential customers, collecting contacts for feedback and, as a result, increasing sales. For example, after the spring exhibition "INTERFABRIC" three very large clients came to us, we concluded profitable contracts with them.

This fall, we also saw a lot of interest in our booth, in textile printing services, in DTF printing innovations and in our catalogs of ready-made prints. This once again speaks of the importance of participation in the INTERFABRIC exhibition for companies that are interested in promoting their products.

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