A new collection of blankets from the Espera textile factory was presented in the Textile&Home salon

15.09.2022 г.
5,000 pillows per day - this is the production capacity of the Espera factory (ESPERA HOME brand), founded in 1998. The company produces a wide range of products but the main focus is a variety of pillows. The factory participated in INTERFABRIC for the first time and with great success presented its new products in the assortment of not only pillows, but also blankets, in the Textile&Home Salon of home textiles and interior fabrics.

Pillows of this famous brand are presented in furniture and home goods stores throughout the country. The slogan "unique products for unique people" reflects the brand's philosophy, the desire to take into account the needs of special consumers. At the booth on INTERFABRIC-2022. Autumn there were presented novelties produced by Espera factory. For example, a new collection of blankets with a technological feature produced by Deepsleep aroused great interest of visitors - this is a different sewing technology that differs from the Alaska series of blankets used for sewing.

There are no through holes in the new blankets, respectively, comfort and heat transfer increases. The top of the duvet is made of 100% cotton, inside is FossFill 3000 Lux viscose. These blankets are not afraid of machine washing, which is often one of the important criteria for a modern buyer when buying. Certain categories of blankets are available for order: there are summer, warm, extra warm and all-weather blankets. The color variety is presented in three versions: burgundy, blue and champagne.

At the booth of the factory, one could also see blankets from the Alaska series. This collection also includes cool, warm and extra warm, as well as all-weather blankets.
In addition to blankets a wide range of pillows was presented, since Espera factory is known precisely as a manufacturer of high-quality ESPERA HOME pillows of various sizes and with a variety of fillings - from buckwheat husks to high-tech “body memory foam”. One of the competitive advantages of production is an automatic line for stuffing pillows. All products are tested for resistance to deformation, which is important for durability and comfort of use.

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-08 at 14.59.05.jpegAt the exhibition the company presented pillows of various sizes: 50x70, 40x70, 70x70, for children and adults. There were travel pillows, specialized pillows for unloading the cervical region and for the whole body, such as Comfort U (for pregnant women) and the well-known bestseller - the Boomerang pillow.

Decorative pillows more than 10 different new Deco collections - from fluffy cats to reproductions of paintings by famous artists were also presented at the factory's stand. Bright, with juicy prints, they fit almost perfectly into the assortment of gift shops.

The brightness and high quality of images on decorative pillows is achieved through sublimation printing. The products themselves are made of wear-resistant matting, which perfectly holds its shape and does not stretch. Digital printing allows you to significantly expand the range and the buyer can find exactly what he needs. Pillows in the form of a birch log (roller) or saw cut wood (round pillow) are in great demand.

- All ESPERA HOME products are exclusive, ideal as a gift, - emphasizes Ivan Emelyanov, representative of the Espera factory. – In addition to our own production facilities, we have an experimental workshop, which allows us to improve and constantly update our products under the ESPERA HOME brand.

Today we compete with foreign brands with dignity, we actively use advanced technologies and materials. It is our task to announce this at the industry exhibition.
We have developed a client base, had fruitful communication with partners, and introduce people to our products. At INTERFABRIC-2022. Autumn we are for the first time, but we hope that the premiere participation in it will be the key to further effective cooperation.

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