"ERA": participation in exhibition is important for image and reputation

01.04.2024 г.
era-textile.jpgOur regular exhibitor is Russian company ERA, which specializes in selling various types of fabrics and linens from Turkey. The company was founded in 2004 and had been successfully operating in the Russian market since then. By carrying out wholesale supplies of Turkish knitted fabrics to stores, ateliers, garment factories and production workshops, the company has earned a reputation as a reliable business partner.

Senior manager Daria talks about the company's new products, development directions and new priorities, as well as advantages of participating in INTERFABRIC:

– What are you introducing this spring, what new fabrics and textures?

– At our stand this season we present various fabrics for spring assortment. We have new colors, interesting prints and a variety of textures. We work not only for the current season but also for future seasons. For example, at the exhibition we present collections for both summer and winter to meet the needs of different customers. We also present new products for factories that plan their work in advance - two to three seasons in advance.

Our participation in the exhibition is important for our image and reputation, since we have been on the market for a long time and want to maintain connections with clients and partners. We have both a warehouse and a showroom in Russia, many items can be found in stock.

I believe that it is important for companies to present themselves and their product range every time at exhibitions, and therefore we put a lot of effort into preparing for each event. Our partners should know that we are always here, ready to offer them something new and reliable in cooperation. We truly value every client and strive to surprise them every time. Our strengths in customer service are our individual approach to each production and the enormous effort we put into selecting the fabrics we offer in our range.

– What are your main competitive advantages?

– Our real “superpower” lies in flexibility, punctuality and the pursuit of high quality. We are always ready to meet the needs of our partners and adapt to changes in the market. Our cooperation is important for successful sales of clients, starting with high-quality assortment and fabrics and ending with the implementation of ideas and creativity.

We offer flexible conditions for our customers, providing 30-day delivery to Moscow. We work with those volumes that are convenient for the customer, including start-ups, industries, designers, so you can order from us one roll from the warehouse. This is convenient, since many manufacturers require orders of 50 kg or more, but we are ready to fulfill small volumes with the same high quality.

– How do you evaluate INTERFABRIC this year?

– As exhibitors with experience, we would like to wish the exhibition to increase its duration to four days, this would be more effective. Last year, the exhibition was rich in young visitors who were just starting to get acquainted with it, many wanted to go to marketplaces, but in 2024 everyone comes with specific goals and objectives, I like it!

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