"Siberia" factory: “main thing is the extended effect of the exhibition”

04.04.2024 г.

"Textile Factory "Sibir” is one of the first production facilities opened in Yurga after the city was assigned the status of a priority development area. The main activity is production of fleece and artificial fur. The factory is the only full-cycle textile enterprise in Russia that has all the resources to produce pile knitted fabrics in any volume. The production is equipped with a modern high-tech equipment that ensures the production of pile knitted fabrics of a full cycle - from knitting knitted fabric to dyeing and finishing using various technologies: hydrophobicity, antistatic, antipilling, etc.

We met Deputy Director Alexander Gorbatenko to learn about new products in the range for production development.

– What did you show at INTERFABRIC-2024.Spring?

– This year our main vectors are development of the traditional assortment, improving quality of fleece and expanding production, including opening of a warehouse. We are also introducing a new line of soft shells using innovative technology for gluing various knitted fabrics with a membrane inside.

When it comes to membranes it is important to note that Chinese manufacturers already offer very high quality products. When choosing a membrane supplier, we visited a large plant where a full line of membranes is produced and were convinced of their quality. More than 90% of textile products are produced in China, including global brands, and industry professionals recognize its leadership in this area, including membrane production. Thus, the statement that only England produces high-quality membranes is not true.

– You claim yourself as a full-cycle production company, what does this mean?

– Our full-cycle production means that we only purchase raw materials - threads, dyes and textile auxiliaries necessary for finishing and dyeing. Other processes such as knitting, dyeing, finishing, effects, gluing, etc. are carried out directly in our production.

The high-tech nature of our production lies in the fact that all our equipment is fully automated using controllers, frequency motors and converters. This allows us to instantly adapt production processes to produce a wide range of products.

We own programs that allow us to manage line settings, including options for working with different densities and thread compositions, thread combinations and textile chemistry. Our knowledge and experience in this field allows us to effectively manage production processes.

As a result, we have acquired unique skills and today we are able to instantly reconfigure production equipment. The cost time is reduced to several hours, unlike Chinese equipment, and we were able to achieve high flexibility and personalization capabilities, which makes us unique in the market. For example, while others offer products in base weights of 130, 180, 220, 280 and 350 grams per meter, we can produce products in any weight ranging from 5 to 10 grams per meter. Thus, we are ready to instantly reconfigure equipment and flexibly respond to customer needs.

– How was the exhibition this year for your company?

– The first days of this year were calm, but we are already experienced and know that the most important thing is the prolonged effect of the exhibition. Spring "INTERFABRIC" is always a special event, where we meet with partners from different countries, including China, Turkey, Italy and Uzbekistan. Meetings at Chinese stands always bring us joy, as we meet our suppliers and establish excellent relationships with colleagues. Our contacts with Turkiye are not as active, but we see potential for improvement.

At the exhibition, we were able to attract the attention of both individual consumers with whom we already work, and large clothing companies. Interaction with wholesale partners is difficult, but it is necessary for production. We offer such clients direct communication without intermediaries to better meet their needs.

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