Alexandra Kaloshina: we are developing the Russian fabric market

26.03.2024 г.
alexandra-kaloshina.jpgToday, not only newcomers, but also experienced manufacturers have to survive in the market. We talked about how this happened, what success of an enterprise depends on and what the Russian market can offer today with an analyst, textile industry expert, founder of Solstudio Textile Group, professor of Stroganov Moscow State Art and Industry University and Higher School of Economics, manager of projects related to restoration of textile and ornamental heritage of Russia, Alexandra Kaloshina - following a long tradition, Solstudio Textile Group created by Alexandra became a partner and participant in INTERFABRIC.

– Alexandra, last time we talked was at INTERFABRIC-2023.Autumn. What’s new in your company over these six months?

– We are re-equipping our factory. We are doing this quickly and seriously; we have devoted the whole year to this task. We are currently installing a large washing line with a team of Turkish specialists. It will allow us to increase speed and footage of our products, increase the convenience of work and improve washing effect of fabrics.

– Are there any new projects?

– We have teamed up with the Russian hemp producer Dom Tekstilya. These are our Russian entrepreneurs, Maxim and Alena Uvarovs, who sowed 15 thousand hectares of hemp. They have their own processing plant, employing 240 people. They reach a thread level, then hand it over to weaving production. And now we have already printed a whole collection on hemp fabric. It turned out amazingly beautiful. Samples could be seen at our stand at the spring INTERFABRICS. This product is already completely, 100% produced in Russia - from field to fabric, with a beautiful design. This inspires us very much because for the first time we saw that Russian fabric can be printed well and with high quality.

– Is printing on other domestic fabrics possible?

– We also work with other Russian manufacturers. With Vologda Textile Plant we have printed a large array of very different products, starting from waffle fabrics. It turns out very well. We outlined a number of joint steps so that they could produce beautiful new products. I hope that I will also be able to work with Shuya Calico. In general, we are developing the Russian fabric market in every possible way.

– At INTERFABRIC-2023.Autumn you presented your new product - printing on silk and wool. Has the idea taken off?

– Yes, we continue printing on these fabrics. Of course, this is not the most popular one, since it is a premium material, luxury and there cannot be much of it. But requests are coming and we are printing constantly. One day a week, sometimes two, the machine works exclusively on silk or wool and silk.

– What is the volume of production of your company today?

– We are designed to produce 800 thousand linear meters per year. Now we have introduced new capacities, new machines, while the process was going on, the load dropped by 50%. We are waiting for the line to launch. And so we were already approaching 70%.

– What are your impressions of the last spring exhibition?

– We, of course, are adherents of INTERFABRIC and every season we see how the exhibition changes. Notice how it was decorated this time, how the stands were decorated. There is gigantic competition for consumers at the exhibition. The big players came and we almost got lost between three huge stands. Everything is growing and this cannot but rejoice.

– Did you stick to tradition in design of your stand or did you come up with some kind of twist of your own?

– We used a work of art that we spied at a textile factory near Vologda. These are workers who go forward and carry what they produce. We associated ourselves with them and this image became our main banner at the exhibition.

– Where else did you participate in the business program of the exhibition this time?

– It was a lecture “Main trends in textile design, season SS 25.” She aroused great interest. There were about 100 people, if not more. Everyone looked at our fabric samples with interest and asked many questions. This is because such products can really be in demand.

– What are your plans for the future?

– We are probably making our future now by increasing our printing capabilities. I would like to go beyond Russia. We focus on print quality including on synthetic fabrics.

– Are there any foreign partners working with you now?

– Only for purchase of fabric. But on the contrary - not yet. We would like to print for all countries - silk, for example. We do this better than our competitors. But for now we are exploring the Russian market. After expanding on it we will look for other opportunities.

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