17.06.2020 г.

Scientists from The Institute of Solution Chemistry of RAS have developed a unique solution for textiles impregnation based on nanosilver that is capable to destroy microbes and viruses.

According to RIA Novosti, the specific characteristic of the development is the reinforcement of nanoparticles with polymers with certain antimicrobial features, make the solution persistent during the long period of time and have an affinity to сellulose fiber. Thanks to that complex of features the scientist managed to develop not only a technology of nanoparticles synthesis, but also of their anchoring on various textile materials.

As a result, several types of such products were developed. Moreover, several testing and industrial batches of socks and other hosiery products are issued already. According to preliminary assessments of microbiologists, treated fabric provides total inactivation of a virus without recovery of its vitality.

Meanwhile the production and impregnation of antimicrobial textile will cost less than processing with the products for the same purpose from other countries. Experts emphasize that the scientists haven’t found analogs of an antivirus product, developed by the domestic specialists, issued abroad and moreover in Russia.

Moreover, as the developers say, domestic products are significantly less in price comparing to expensive foreign products, I kg of which costs around 110 euro.

Not least, for realization of that impregnation on industrial enterprises there is no need for special efforts. The product synthesizes at room temperature during rather short period of time.

They are applied at cellulose textile material (fabric, gauze, non-woven fabric or ready-to-wear item) on a typical equipment, that any textile finishing factory owns. The product has one more important characteristic – it maintains resistance within several months and able to withstand more than 20 washings.

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