Within one month 255 participants from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus submitted their works, the jury looked through more than 700 works. Beginning artists and fans of Mumiy Troll band, which were inspired by the competition task, took part in the competitio

11.07.2020 г.

In addition, the project, initiated by the director of the Center for Strategic Development, Travel and Mentoring ANO Vladimir Khrykov, won in June 2020 in the All-Russian contest MY COUNTRY - MY RUSSIA, in the nomination MY VILLAGE, entering the top three winners of 5208 declared projects for the absentia stage and 34 projects that ended up in the final of the full-time selection. 

HOW A SHIRT GREW IN A FIELD is an educational project to develop educational tourism and to engage young people in agricultural activities, in particular flax cultivation.

In the Nizhny Novgorod Region, he was supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Resources, the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth Policy, and the administration of the city of Bor and the administrations of the Varnavinsky and Urensky districts, the Nizhny Novgorod State Agricultural Academy, as well as the Flax Union interregional fund and the PROJECTOR experimental farm. 

‘The Agroshkola project is extremely important for the development of flax growing not only in the Nizhny Novgorod region, but also in Russia. Only through such projects competencies can be created for the cultivation and production of export-quality flax fiber,’ says Yuri Krupnov, chairman of the board of directors of the PROJECTOR experimental farm. 

The project will create a model for the production of shirts from seeds, and project participants will be able to go through the whole process on their own under the guidance of an expert mentor. The project involves several stages: 

  • Flax sowing - sowing seeds, during which tillage and seed growing will be discussed, monitoring of the first seedlings is planned;

  • Flax flowering —– monitoring flax flowering, as well as a tour of the ecotrail and agrotrail to study the local nature and gain knowledge about the ecological foundations of agricultural business;

  • The shirt has grown - harvesting and processing of flax, manufacturing of fiber and fabric. 

‘I believe that at present in Russia the agricultural industry has become not fashionable for young people, and, first of all, this happened because the industry lives its own separate conservative life. But even flax is now used not only for fabrics, but also for airplanes and rockets, gunpowder, although few people know about it - it needs to be fixed, this is the task of Agro-school, - said the author of the project Vladimir Khrykov. 

The agricultural school project will also become a new direction in the development of educational tourism. In his message to the Federal Assembly, Vladimir Putin emphasized the importance of the development of children's tourism and recommended the development of special educational tourist routes for children. “All this should be available for every child, regardless of the place of residence or financial situation of the family. This is the direct responsibility of the regions of the Russian Federation,’- the President of Russia emphasized.

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