19.06.2020 г.

On June 2020 an official opening of full cycle production of Fabreex company was held. The factory is situated on the territory of Plastic technical park in Uzlovaya town of Tula region. It took 1 year to reconstruct the building of an old workshop for polymer production and modern production of knitted fabrics. On the territory of 12 000 m2 20 rotating knitting machines, dyeing equipment with total capacity of 1300 tones, tenter drier and carding machine are situated. Zone of technical control, own laboratory are equipped. Administrative part was reequipped, warehouse and technical premises were organized.

Overall investment to this project at the moment totaled more than 600 000 000 rubles. Now 85 tons of knitted fabrics is produced per month, 10 tons of which is produced from 100 % Russian raw materials.

It is important to emphasize that before there was no such knitted fabrics production in Russia, sewing enterprises had to import the necessary material from abroad, but now they have an opportunity to purchase all essentials in the country. Moreover, the enterprise has an opportunity to develop new types and colors of knitted fabrics according to the customer’s needs.

Event dedicated to the opening of production was visited by Tula region governor Aleksey Dyumin. He inspected production facilities, talked to the heads of the factory and got to know ins and outs of knitted fabrics production.

Also representatives of major Russian companies became guests of the factory – sport and casual clothes producers, sport uniforms and accessories. Among them – Bona Fide, N1SPORT, Rossport, Luch, PrintBar, Vsemaiki-N and any others.

For this year the company aims to increase the production twice and widen the product range, but by autumn there are plans to transfer the production to 32nd class of knitting what complies with the modern European standards.

Thus now in Russia we have modern knitting production, that is able to meet the demands not only of domestic clients, but also start to export own production abroad. We would like to believe that this is one of those first signs of textile industry renaissance in Russia.

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