12.03.2024 г.
Getting rich is easy and fast – this idea attracts many. Experts told how to do this to entrepreneurs engaged in the textile industry during the workshop "Earn 5 million by the summer on the sale of home textiles and goods for interior solutions on marketplaces", which was held as part of the business program of the Russian Textile Week, which united the exhibitions "INTERFABRIC-2024.Spring" and "TEXTILE&HOME-2024.Spring."

Topics from the leaders of this market segment were presented for discussion: financial services for buyers and sellers of Ozon; Yandex.Market – a sales and product promotion channel. The participants were told how to make sure that your product is bought on the marketplace. The meeting was moderated by Elena Melnik, entrepreneur, founder and head of the Elena Melnik Studio branding agency.

The speakers of the event shared with the guests life hacks on how to promote their product on their sites, what needs to be done so that customers not only see it, but also purchase and return again.

Varvara Kononova, Director of Development at WOWPacks, believes that consumer interest is primarily directed at recognizable brands. "Even if your product is "no name", then make sure that it is remembered. The first thing a customer encounters is packaging. She should make a pleasant impression. If a person receives clothes in a torn bag, he will return it back by choosing the same product from another seller, but in a gift box," the expert gave recommendations.

Elizaveta Artemyeva, category manager at Yandex.Market, drew attention to the product cards: "When forming the content of your product offer, it must be borne in mind that most users access our site through an application on their phone. Photos and product descriptions should be visible."

Sofya Boikova, Head of Affiliate Marketing in the DIY Megamarket Home Goods category, shared the advantages of the Sberbank of Russia trading platform: "Visibility in the top positions of the search bar is the key to success. 80% of users search for products through it. And only 70% of those who want to purchase a certain product view offers below line 7-8," Boikova cited statistics from the marketplace. She recommends using cashback as a measure to attract customers. 

Olga Dvoina, head of the Textiles category at Ozon, gave recommendations on how to promote products on this largest site. "Your product offer must be interesting, tasty, well-designed in order to attract a buyer, whom Ozon has already brought with his marketing actions. There are a lot of possibilities here. Bed linen is in the greatest demand among textiles. The niche of table textiles and curtains is practically free."

The speakers' speech aroused great interest among the audience, who could not accommodate the Trend zone of the TEXTILE&HOME-2024 exhibition.Spring", where the event took place. After the workshop, the experts were asked a lot of practical and theoretical questions about the work of the trading platforms they represent

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