Trade House Cotton Prom: decided to become permanent exhibitor at INTERFABRIC.

11.04.2022 г.
cottonprom2.jpgWalking through the exposition of the spring exhibition INTERFABRIC, it was simply impossible to pass by the bright blue stand of Cotton Prom trading house - one of the largest companies selling knitted fabrics on the Russian market. Velour, viscose, kashkorse, kulirnaya smooth, interlock, pique, ribana, footer…

All kinds of colors and textures, a variety of fabric designs and excellent solutions for finished products – the factory invariably maintains an assortment of knitted fabrics that is relevant for the current season and offers products that meet the latest trends.

"This year we presented a lot of novelties among both knitwear and woven fabrics – denim, twill twill," says Gulrukh Dorum, director of the factory's sales department. – Despite the fact that recently we have been actively developing the production of denim and woven fabrics, we still focus on knitwear. We develop all the novelties ourselves. I am a representative of a Turkish factory in Russia, where a whole team works that comes up with canvases. They test samples sent to us, and if we like something, we offer it to our customers and place orders."

Cotton Prom has its own warehouses in Balashikha, Moscow region, where the range of knitted fabrics is widely represented, and the assortment is constantly updated. And a high quality of the supplied products and modern standards of customer service are the key principles of the company.

cottonprom.jpg"With the help of the exhibition we want to cover the Russian market even more, to make ourselves known," says Gulrukh Dorum. – We have been on the Russian market for a long time, but still new companies are constantly opening here, new people are appearing. For example, on the first day of the exhibition, if we compare with last year, 80 percent of the customers who visited us are all new faces, new entrepreneurs with whom we have not worked before. Therefore, we came with the hope of expanding cooperation, and our goal is to bring as many high–quality Turkish fabrics to Russia as possible."

Cotton Prom participates in the exhibition for the second time. After a brilliant debut in 2021 the company decided to repeat the successful experience and were among the first to declare their desire to participate in the exhibition again. And at the end of the exhibition "INTERFABRIC -2022.Spring" it was decided to become permanent exhibitor of the exhibition.
"We have already been to INTERFABRIC  twice. We decided that we will participate constantly, we will definitely come this fall," says Gulrukh Dorum. – Previously we always participated in other textile exhibitions in Russia, but when we tried to stand at INTERFABRIC , we realized that it was much better here. The advertising goes better, the organizers do their job very well. We like everything, we are satisfied."

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