10.11.2020 г.

To increase an effectiveness of bad bacteria and viruses’ protection It is possible by using new developments of a modern science. VULKANA TEXSTYLE company offers HEALTH OK PLN fabric with a special AMG / PLB textile coating from Health Guard Corporation. The fabric can be used for corporate and medicine uniforms, children, school and of all spectrum of fashion clothes.

Protective products under the HealthGuard ® trademark are developed and produced by the Global Speciality Chemicals Pty. Ltd – a private research and producing Australian company, that has been famous on the world market from 1991 by its commercial successful intellectual biotechnological decisions. HealthGuard ® rightly is considered a world leader in the field of innovational decease prevention, as well as antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial remedies for prevention and decease decrease, caused by home dust mites, bedbugs and mosquitos, as well as other gram-positive and gram-negative strains of bacteria, including Superbacteria of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Gold (MRSA) and vancomycin-resistant enterococcus (VRE).

‘The results of our tests in Melbourne University really impress and we proudly present to the market a proven non-invasive preventive medical product in a perod of time when it is needed especially and helps to fight the COVID-19 pandemic 24/7’, - tells HealthGuard president Christopher Harvey.

The covering of fabric surface with HealthGuard ® substance in an amount of 2% of fabric weight allows to fully destroy the virus. That is confirmed by the investigation in the framework of ISO 18184 standard, as well as by Chinese GUANGDONG DETECTION CENTER OF MICROBIOLOGY company.

So, the fabrics having a special composition impregnation allow to destroy 99,94% of bad viruses that appear on the surface and these characteristics maintain after several washing cycles.

HealthGuard ® composition: 

  • Applied easily on all fabric types;
  • Not making an impact on fabric color;
  • All the characteristics and features are confirmed by the independent world experts;
  • Used by the governmental organizations of India and the Philippines, being tested for the manufacturing of Australian Army uniforms.

In the time to come VULKANA TEXSTYLE will widen its range of fabrics with antivirus textile coatings of HealthGuard Corporation, thus allowing to create various collections of clothes with dangerous viruses’ protective characteristics, including COVID-19.

The full range of VULKANA TEXSTYLE company is always presented at www.vulkana.ru.

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