EUROSTAR TEX company has confirmed its participation in «INTERFABRIC-2021.SPRING»

24.11.2020 г.

EuroStar tex was founded in 2010 as a producer of high quality knitted fabrics. Today the company produces eco products of high quality that is in the demand of the world clothing brands.

EuroStar tex as well has 2 factories where it produces items of knitted fabrics and textile fabrics for the famous international brands.

The company not only cares for the quality of products, but it also offers the most modern, customized solutions.  The company is also capable of producing complicated in style and design fabrics, moreover they offer solutions on delivery of goods to the client.

EuroStar tex and the company’s contractor are audited and accredited regularly by BV, BSCI, HIGG  and own Organic Content Standart 100 and Organic Blended certificate. It’s a modern company, that improves its producing processes every day with the care of planet ecology, its employees and partners. Producing capacities are situated in Istanbul. It is a factory built in compliance with modern ecological standarts, certified  with LEED PLATINUM standart, which allows to minimize the harm for the nature of the production processes. They even produce electric power, which they consume themselves and recycle rain water.

EuroStar tex produces more than 5000 kinds of exquisite and fashionable fabrics of a high quality: fleece, knitted fabrics, noodle fabric, jacquard, organic; wide range of colors and weight from 60 g/m2 up to 500 g/m2, cotton, viscose, wool, linen, cashmere, modal, silk, organic, fabrics from recycled cotton, acetat, polyamid, polyester, bamboo and wide assortment of mixed fabrics.

Production capacity – 1500 tones of knitted fabrics per week. There is an experimental workshop, where they permanently work on creating and developing fabrics for any taste and color of the client.

EuroStar tex can produce any knitted fabric of any complicity under the client’s order.

EuroStar tex has its own show room in Moscow where you can get acquainted with the wide range of more than 5000 items of fabrics.
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