27.03.2020 г.

LLC TechTex, a participant of the exposition of Salon of the technical textile

The production facilities of the company are located in the city of Strunino, Aleksandrovsky district, Vladimir region. This is a new weaving mill launched in October 2019.

Today, technical fabrics are produced here from polyester yarns: analogues of lavsans 56207 and 56208, TBG-360, TK-80, OPC.

In the near future it is planned to increase the assortment of fabrics made of polyamide and polypropylene. There are 16 machines with soft rapiers (Sulzer, licensed in Novosibirsk in 1990-1991). Characteristics of the paintings: leno edge, width up to 180 cm, density from 90 to 400 g / m2.

Technical textiles manufactured by TechTex LLC are characterized by consistently high quality. A professional and customer-oriented team has been formed in the company, which will not only advise and clarify all the needs of the customer, but will also develop the most convenient personal working conditions and help to form the optimal order.

Fields of application: manufacturing of solid rubber products, filtering of food and non-food liquids, ballasting fabrics, upholstery fabrics for severe operating conditions and many other industries.
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