Beauty of the East: Turkish textiles at INTERFABRIC-2024.Spring

21.02.2024 г.
Красота Востока: турецкий текстиль на выставке тканей и текстиля ИНТЕРТКАНЬAt INTERFABRIC-2024.Spring, to be held in Moscow on March 11 - 13, many companies from all over the world will bring their products which have proven best in the market. The upcoming exhibition will not be as such without works by Turkish masters - the already traditional Turkish national exposition will once again amaze by its variety of assortment and bright colors.

One of the exhibitors there will be Karcem Tekstil. She has been producing textiles since 2015. The daily fabric production capacity is 10 tons. The company sells dyed, printed and raw fabrics in domestic as well as international markets. Karcem Tekstil has defined its main operating principles as focusing on quality and customer satisfaction. The company wants to make them feel that it is a reliable business partner that takes into account all the needs of customers and industry as a whole.

Another representative of the Turkish apparel industry is Hazal Textile, which produces knitted fabrics containing 100% cotton. The production capacity is a maximum of 20 tons per day, but may vary depending on the type of fabric. The company has a knitting department; in the knitting departments, 15 tons of fabric are produced daily: kulirka, lacoste, interlock, ribana, selanik, 2-thread footer, 3-thread footer. The facility also produces cotton, cotton/lycra, cotton/polyester and cotton/polyester/lycra. In addition, the factory can dye fabrics - 15 tons of fabrics such as cotton, cotton/lycra, cotton/polyester, cotton polyester/lycra are dyed here per day. Quality control is at the highest level: all products undergo serious inspection and testing during the production process before shipping.

A prominent representative of Turkish textiles can be called Sadirlar Alliance Tekstil A.Ş. The company began as a raw fabric trader in 1990 and continues to grow thanks to innovation, technological investment and extensive experience in the textile industry. The company, in particular, specializes in dyeing, printing and digital printing of circular knitted fabrics. The company also produces Rachel fabrics, which it makes from synthetic, regenerated cellulose and natural fibers. Sadirlar Alliance Tekstil A.Ş. exports products to more than 20 countries. In the new production complex, which will be put into operation in the first quarter of 2024, the company will produce synthetic fabrics (for sportswear).

HAZIR KUMAŞ, a company that has won a place in the industry thanks to its wide range of fabric varieties, special methods of dyeing, rotation and digital printing, as well as high-quality production, will also bring its products to the exhibition. The factory deals with dyeing, finishing of fabrics and printing. Workers perform them using materials that do not harm the environment and human health.

Another notable exhibitor will be the Rubenis company. The company has the most advanced yarn production facilities in Turkey, the Middle East and the Balkans. The production line is equipped with full vacuum technology and is type 1824i, and the production capacity of the enterprise is 25 tons per day, the monthly production capacity reaches 750 tons.

One of the main exhibitors will be the company Ören İplik Kumaş. It was founded in 2010. The company produces high-quality fabrics using its modern and high-tech arsenal of equipment. The company carefully ensures that all client needs are met. When producing products, it always puts labor safety first. This Turkish company is always open to innovation. The company constantly updates fabrics made from knitted yarn. Throughout its existence, the company has managed to make a significant contribution to the Turkish economy.

You will be able to see all products from Turkish companies at the INTERFABRIC-2024.Spring exhibition from March 11 to 13 at Expocentre (pavilion 2, halls 5, 6).

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