17.11.2021 г.
SOYUZLEGPROM is constantly working to improve the efficiency of exhibitions for its partners.

The Moscow Government has provided a financial support to Moscow companies - exhibitors of the INTERFABRIC-2022.Spring and participants in other events of the Russian Textile Week.

We are talking about subsidies provided in accordance with the order of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of the city of Moscow dated 15.10.2021 No. P-18-12-341 / 21.

The results of the agreement were commented on by the President of the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs of Textile and Apparel Industry Mr. Andrei Razbrodin.

- How did you manage to reach agreements with the Moscow Government on the provision of subsidies?

- We as an industry union, are constantly working to promote Russian companies both to domestic and foreign markets. Exhibitions are a unique tool for promoting goods and services, so we pay great attention to this issue and work to improve the efficiency of exhibitions for enterprises.

Our team is actively working with the departments of the Moscow Government to include our industry exhibitions in the list of the Moscow Government for granting subsidies from the city budget. As a result our exhibitions are regularly supported by the City Moscow's lists of subsidies.

As a result our exhibitions have received an international status, they make it possible to form an exposition and export it abroad and receive additional subsidies from regional export centers.

- What kind of compensation are provided for the participants of the INTERFABRIC exhibition?

Возмещение затрат, выставка- Reimbursement is due to the costs of payment of the registration fee, rental of exhibition space, construction and equipment of the stand (including assembly and dismantling services, engineering and technical services).

The amount of compensation is 350 thousand Rubles for congress and exhibition events, international competitions and festivals held on the territory of the Russian Federation, and 700 thousand Rubles - for congress and exhibition events, international competitions and festivals held abroad. But in general, it should be no more than 50% of the costs.

- What other support measures for exhibitors do the organizers provide or plan to implement?

- For exhibiting companies from the regions, we have collected up-to-date information on similar regional support measures for 2022. Call our exhibition managers, we will be happy to advise on the procedure for reimbursing the costs of participation in the exhibition for each specific region.

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