Alizip: there are practically no random people at "INTERFABRIC"

05.10.2021 г.

Cars-toys scurry along the colorful zigzag paths, funny little animals and little people run around – this is for the youngest. The coupling of metal teeth in the grin of plastic skulls decorated with flirty rhinestones – this line will appeal to older children. Reflective elements and finished products - for caring parents… The stand of the lightning production company Alizip LLC was very bright and attracted many visitors to INTERFABRIC exhibition, as it was aimed at completely different consumers.

– At the 10th anniversary exhibition we presented our products – tractor and spiral zippers, which are manufactured in the city of Kimry, - said the representative of the company Elena Shevkova. - Many people know us as suppliers of high-quality products, which we produce very quickly: the order completion time is a maximum of ten working days.

The range of the company is really huge. Interested future partners of the company, which has been exhibiting its stand at INTERFABRIC exhibition for several years, note the wide range of colors of accessories offered by Alizip, since the company has its own dyeing production. Any client can come with his palette and get the color he needs.

alyzip2.jpgElena said, as a result of working at the exhibition, their company receives a solid influx of new customers. Some orders are made already in the process of working on "INTERFABRIC". Every year Alizip strives to surprise its potential partners with something. This time the company presented a large collection – more than 300 items! - decorative pullers for children's clothing. Zippers with reflective elements are particularly popular among them.

– We really like this exhibition, – the representative of the brand notes, – because it is professional. During it, important business issues are discussed, serious clients come. We feel some pride from participating, as we are one of the few Russian manufacturers that have such a wide range. We are popular, and there is a lot of interest in our stand. As a long-time participant, I like that the exhibition space is expanding and more professionals come to it – there are practically no random people here.

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