Lanificio Campore

Lanificio Campore was born in 1963 by the will of Quintino Broglia Marzé, who already owned in the 50’s the Lanificio Broglia, active in Biella.In 1963 Mr. Quintino Broglia Marzé bought the Lanificio Sella in Campore and turned the two mills (Lanificio Sella and Lanificio Broglia) in the Lanificio Campore. Today, the Lanificio Campore is headed by the son of Quintino: Diego with his daughter Cristina. In the year 2000, the Lanificio Campore acquired the mill Torello Viera.The factory’s original structure dates back to 1830, founded by the Sella Brothers. In 1831 the brothers Pietro, Gio Battista and Vincenzo Sella founded in Campore a factory called Lanificio Macchina Nuova (Woollen mill New Machine). This name came from the purchase of a large, new and modern loom produced in Belgium.The tradition says that for the transport of this great loom, it was necessary a great chariot drawn by six horses. From this comes the name:mill of the New Machine In 1895 the Co. was registered as Lanificio Successori Sella until the beginning of 1924. Later, the 14th October 1924 it became Lanificio Sella. Finally in 1963 it became Lanificio Campore. From the beginning, the Lanificio Sella (Campore) was specialized in the production of heavy woolen fabrics for coat.Soon, it became official supplier of the Italian Army and received large orders throughout the 1st World War (1915-1918).Later, they continued in the production of woollen fabrics for Men’s and Lady’s.By the end of II World the war, the mill has continued to create and to produce fabrics for tailors, couture, designer and apparel to the present day.The Lanificio Campore collaborates daily with all the best designers and stylists from all over the world, in close contact with the “fashion”.
Pav. №1, stand C09
14, Fraz. Campore, Valdilana Biella, 13825, Italy
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Valdilana Biella