Bukhara Brilliant Silk

Bukhara Brilliant Silk is a full-cycle company, since 1927 it has been a producer of raw silk, yarn, threads, fabrics, as well as finished products: blankets and pillows filled with 100% silk fiber, clothing and accessories. Having its own mulberry plantations in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, its own factory, warehouses and sewing workshops, Bukhara Brilliant Silk, as a cluster, has absolute control over each stage of production. At the moment, the company has adopted a sustainable development strategy, it is aware of its impact on the environment and the local population. The Bukhara Brilliant Silk company not only creates silk material, accessories, and designer clothes, it creates the appearance of the beauty of the East by weaving silk threads, the rays of the golden sun and the great heritage of the Uzbek people, with the hardworking hands of the craftsmen.
Pav. №1, stand N04