BCT Denim Division

BCT is a reliable partner for adding added value. We specialize in bringing all your denim ideas to life, offering a full service and unique dyeing and boiling techniques in our vertically integrated factory.

BCT Denim Division is a company specializing in the production of Denim fabrics and finished products. The company is engaged in the manufacture of high-quality denim from natural cotton, dyed with natural Indigo dye. Our production is a vertically integrated project, in which quality control is carried out at every stage of production, from growing cotton and making yarn to manufacturing finished products.

pav. 2, hall 2, 22Е02
Republic of Uzbekistan, Bukhara region, city of Bukhara, st. Hulklar Dostleigi 7/1
The country


Fabrics by purpose:

Children clothing, Womens clothing, Mens clothing

Fabrics by raw material:

Yarn-dyed fabrics

Fabrics (minimum order):

> 1000 m.

Price range:

From: $ 2,6 m.

To: $ 4,5 m.

Time for delivering:

3 weeks

Delivery time to Russia:

10 days