Yash Fashion at the autumn exhibition «INTERFABRIC»

02.06.2021 г.
Russian wholesale company Yash Fashion has confirmed its participation in the 10th anniversary exhibition «INTERFABRIC-2021.Autumn»

The exhibition will feature a new collection of costume plaid poly-viscose. Modern trends for conciseness and responsible consumption bring poly-viscose to the fore.

High-quality and modern fabrics of trendy colors will meet the needs of manufacturers of a wide range of clothing – they are necessary for sewing men's and women's suits, dresses, skirts, trousers, jackets, jackets, school uniforms and uniforms.

Modern plaid suit fabric from Yacht Fashion is beautiful as it combines basic shades and looks harmoniously in all images.

The composition of the fabric: viscose fibers, polyester and elastane in the optimal composition, allowing a comfortable and hygienic wear. All fabrics have the necessary quality certificates and comply with Russian standards.

Yash-Fashion on  exhibition INTERFABRIC

Yacht Fashion company was founded in 2001 and over the years has confidently taken an important place in the Russian fabric industry. The wholesale range of the company consists of a suit, jacket and trouser group of fabrics for both men's, women's and children's assortment.

In addition to poly-viscose fabrics, the company produces its own collections of spring/summer and autumn / winter seasons of solid fabrics, knitwear and collections with trendy prints, woven elements and plaid fabric.

All collections of fabrics are made in Turkey and in factories in Asian countries. Italian and Polish designers take part in the production of the collections. All the cycles of disassembly and delivery are under the full control of the Yash Fashion team of specialists..

Carefully, efficiently and on time is the principle of the company's work.


Today, Yacht Fashion delivers its fabrics in Russia, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Belarus and Germany. Soon, the supply zone will be expanded to Poland, India and the United Arab Emirates. In addition to the fabrics of its own production, Yash Fashion supplies fabrics from well-known manufacturers from around the world. 

With a very liberal pricing policy, the company's products are characterized by modern design and high quality.The company cooperates directly with individual entrepreneurs and legal entities in Russia.

The minimum batch from a free warehouse is from 1 roll (50 linear meters) of each color. Under the order – depending on the article. Production time: 3-4 months. With atelier, the company works under a coupon service, which allows you to order a small square footage and get it within 3-5 days.

The current Yacht Fashion collection is always available in the company's Moscow showroom. The company has its own warehouse in Moscow and provides free delivery to the customer's warehouse or to a transport company within the capital city.

At the «INTERFABRIC» exhibition, which takes place on September 7 -  9, 2021, you can meet with representatives of the company and specify in detail the range and terms of delivery at the stand 22N08 Hall 2, Pavilion 2.

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