19.12.2016 г.
Sverdlovsk worsted wool plant will present to the visitors of INTERFABRIC 2017 a collection of woolen fabrics for an elegant business look 2017/18, a collection of fabrics for coats, as well as new developments: poly viscose fabric, fleece fabric. Versatile textile enterprise – Sverdlovsk worsted wool plant is one of the ten successful Russian textile enterprises. The story of its success on the market has nearly 60 years. The main priorities of the company are development, quality, flexibility, professionalism and continuity of generations. The company has developed and implemented corporate quality standards, taking into account the high demands of today’s market. Professionals, trained in the best factories in Europe and constantly improving their skills, are engaged in the development of new collections of tissues of the plant. Today the plant produces a wide range of textile products: – Tissues of departmental assignment for the needs of the federal bodies of executive power of the Russian Federation and foreign countries; – Fabrics for corporate wear; – Fabrics for school uniforms; – Pure wool and wool blend fabrics for an elegant finished product; – Elastic fabrics, – Woolen fabrics for coats; – Costume fabrics of mixed fibers with cotton, viscose, linen. Sverdlovsk worsted wool plant constantly updating its equipment park. In particular, in 2016 spinning mill was modernized, which allowed to expand the range of products, to start producing poly viscose fabrics and wool blend fabrics of premium class. Trends in the fashion world dictate the rules of the game. More specifically, “woolen items replenish the expensive, elite segment of clothing. Fashion of the so-called rapid cycle, implies renewability of the wardrobe each season, and today we are shifting the emphasis toward the use of other, less expensive, but natural fibers, in particular – viscose, – said the executive director of the Sverdlovsk worsted wool plant Ekaterina Darintseva. – Wool segment is present in the expensive collections of all the major garment factories, while fabric of our plant is of high demand in this segment, which is an indicator of the high level of quality. But we do not stand still: a business card of our plant since 2017 is thin and delicate fabrics for luxury collections. ” Along with the development of the range of suit fabrics, Sverdlovsk worsted wool plant has proceeded to fleece production. This synthetic fabric, that has terrific consumer qualities, we can say, has gained wide consumer demand. Its widespread application in the field of children’s clothes, sports, military, daily life offers tremendous prospects for the project. As E.Darintseva specifies “in our execution this product will be available in early 2017. We are in constant contact with our customers, their needs shape our production vectors of development for the future. Thus was born the idea of ​​buying the Italian line of fleece production, because in the wardrobe of almost every person there is a thing from this material, but the Russian full-cycle production is absent. ” Today Sverdlovsk worsted wool plant it is not only worsted fabric production, it is a diversified textile company, the scope of which covers the entire territory of Russia and the near abroad countries.
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