Welltex is a comprehensive supplier of goods for sewing and clothing production.

15.07.2022 г.
INTERFABRIC-2022.Autumn will present the company Welltex - a sewing online store that supplies products throughout Russia. The main advantage of the company is direct deliveries from manufacturers and specialization in wholesale, which allows us to keep prices low.

Welltex is a wide network of trading floors throughout the country: 46 sewing stores in 45 cities of the Russian Federation and their number is constantly growing. The main activities of the company are the production of accessories and applied materials, label printing, engraving, dyeing of plastic sewing accessories, as well as zippers, elastic bands, braids on an individual order.

The company has its own design bureau and guarantees strict observance of the approved deadlines, error-free order picking and 100% documentary support of the goods.

In autumn 2022 Welltex will present new collections of knitted and jacket fabrics:

Footer 3-Thread Loop/Footer 2-Thread Loop - Top quality cotton knitted looped fabric with loops and bouffant on one side (usually on the inside of the garment) and a smooth, soft surface on the other. This results in an absorbent, lightweight, water-repellent material, ideal for any season.
3-thread brushed footer (31) - natural cotton fabric, smooth on the outside, soft and delicate on the inside, making the footer products surprisingly comfortable.
• Satin stitch - a type of knitted fabric, for the production of which pure cotton is used with a small addition of elastic fibers. It turns out a thin, pleasant to the touch fabric, which is perfectly ironed and washed. Usually it is used for sewing children's and home clothes.
Kashkorse - a type of elastic knitwear "ribbed", the basis of which is cotton - usually with the addition of elastane to improve the properties of the material.
Jacket fabric Texshell - elastic and plastic three-layer fabric with a membrane, which gives a pleasant tactile sensation, has high vapor permeability and high heat-shielding properties.
Jacket fabric FUTURE - two-layer membrane material. Soft and smart twill (TWILL) weave with a velvety texture gives a respectable appearance to the product.
Cordura 900D PU 10000. The fabric is made of a special polymer with increased resistance to breaking loads, in addition, a high water resistance of 10,000 mm of water. Art.

The company invites you to visit its booth 22A07 in Pavilion 7 of the Expocentre Fairgrounds from September 7 to 9, 2022.

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