Vostok Tekstil: we look to the future

24.01.2022 г.

On September 5, the Paralympic team returned from Tokyo to Russia, they set a record for the number of medals, taking 118 awards - 36 gold, 33 silver and 49 bronze. Deprived of the flag, anthem and name, the team showed the best result in Russian history, finishing fourth in the unofficial team standings. 

Both at the opening ceremony of the Summer Paralympic Games and at the awards ceremony, our athletes could not show the Russian flag, but still they could declare their country in the color scheme of the sports uniform - symbolic red, white and blue colors, the bright emblem of the Russian Paralympic Committee. Few people know that this uniform was created from fabrics of the Vostok Tekstil brand, a regular participant in INTERFABRIC exhibition.

This is not the only pride of the company. One of the most popular fast food restaurants in Russia, KFC, dresses employees in jeans and shirts made from Vostok Tekstil. And if you go to the largest government organizations, where a strict dress code is set, in eight cases out of ten all the suits of managers and operators will be made from fabrics of the same brand. What can I say - even the uniform of the capital's schoolchildren (and not only the capital's) is produced with the participation of this company.

Восток Текстиль_лого.jpg

It all started about twenty years ago. Then Vostok Tekstil brought lining and pocket fabrics to Russia from China - the factory Qituo Co.Ltd. located in the city of Shaoxing, linings have been and remain its main line of business. But time required the expansion of the assortment, and the production workers did an excellent job with this: today I offer the Russian consumer here fabrics for outerwear, suit and dress fabrics. There is a main, basic assortment here - black and blue fabrics and fabrics of different shades of blue, and over time they began to be dyed in light and various bright colors - their choice is influenced by the latest fashion trends, which are closely monitored here.

For example, for the spring-summer season, samples of the new collection in trendy colors have already been developed - next year cornflower, light gray, grass green, hot pink, fuchsia, lilac, pale blue, turquoise and burgundy will be in fashion. The basis of the collection is viscose with spandex - a unisex fabric suitable for men's suits, women's business dresses, and even school dresses for girls. Moreover, the colors can be ordered exclusive: the main volume is produced, as mentioned above, in black and blue colors, but for one of the customers, for example, on an individual order, fabrics have been specially dyed brown for many years.

Among the regular customers of Vostok Textile are brands such as Diboni - manufacturers of the same suits for our Paralympic athletes, NovalTeks - manufacturers of men's business suits, Barkland - a full-length brand of business style men's clothing, Royal Spirit, which sews classic men's clothing, women's business clothing stores Dress Code, manufacturers of school uniforms "Euroform" and "Leogrand".

It is interesting that such volumes - and the fabric is produced and delivered in kilometers - in Russia are served by only five people: they are responsible for deliveries, logistics, and for choosing the design of new collections. Production facilities are located in China, and due to the pandemic, delivery times have increased significantly, the process is slowed down by a large number of customs checks, and the inability to use proven schemes for the movement of goods within the country. But here, albeit with great tension, they still fulfill all the obligations for deliveries to customers. How do they do it? And this is professionalism backed up by love for your work.


“Our team is friendly, there are never conflicts, a very stable environment,” says a company representative. – The owner of our company is a foreigner, a Chinese. And although this is a different mentality, we got along very well with him. He calls himself Victor, his real name is Tizhao Qitan. He lives in Russia, is the director of our TorgComplexRus LLC, periodically flies to China. Fabric production is his family business. Unfortunately, it is impossible to open production in Russia, it is both difficult and very expensive. Therefore, all our fabrics are produced in China under the Vostok Textile brand. The pandemic is affecting everyone, not just us. But we look to the future, and we do it with a great deal of optimism.”

You can meet these amazing people at the INTERFABRIC-2022.Spring exhibition. Although regular visitors to the exhibition have known them well and for a long time, since the exhibition activity for the company is seen as as important as the production itself, because it is not enough just to produce, you need to make yourself known, enter new sales channels, expand the circle of partners.

“I have been working in this company for almost four years, and throughout all these years we have been constantly participating in exhibitions, and not only in Russia,” says a company representative. – Exhibitions are very convenient.

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