22.07.2020 г.

UĞURLUOĞLU Tekstil company from the Turkish Bursa began its history in 1986 and today it is one of the most successful producers of polyviscose fabrics.

At the moment production volume totals 250 km of fabrics per month. Its more than 40 Turkish winding and sizing looms.

The specialization of the company is production of viscose, polyester, cotton and polyviscose fabrics.

Fabrics produced by UĞURLUOĞLU Tekstil are ideal for production of wide range of ready-to-wear garment: suits, dresses, skirts, pants, as well as for children wear and school uniform.

Moreover, the company actively develops eco fabrics line. Innovational materials, made of, for example, partly or fully recycled plastic are also offered among the products of that line.

In general, development of that direction contributes not only to ecological responsibility of business improvement, but also leads consumers to use the products made with high ecological standards.


UĞURLUOĞLU Tekstil – symbol of quality among polyviscose fabrics.

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