Trend-excursions at the exhibition "INTERTFABRIC-2023.Autumn" attracted a lot of attention of visitors.

26.09.2023 г.

Twice a day during the largest international exhibition of fabrics "INTERTFABRIC-2023.Autumn" trend tours with experts from the Trnd&Brnd bureau were held at its exposition. During them, experts in the fashion world told and showed the visitors and participants of the forum fabrics and prints relevant for the upcoming season. This made it possible for manufacturers to update their collections, and for consumers to choose clothes of colors and patterns in accordance with the latest trends.

Today, all over the world, including in Russia, there are more and more fans of a healthy lifestyle. A lot of people do sports. In order for training to bring not only benefits, but also joy, experts advise paying attention to high-tech elastic fabrics of bright colors.

Also, people who take care of themselves prefer natural materials for everyday clothes. Here you should choose delicate, pastel colors that create a feeling of comfort.

– If you want to stand out from the crowd, you should give preference to catchy prints, – said presenter Anastasia Karpova. – It's not the first season that drawings with all kinds of mushrooms and flowers have been trending. Prints generated by a neural network and modified by designers are very relevant – it looks modern. As well as clothes with ethnic motifs. For example, with hand embroidery. Of course, this is not mass production.

 This is the preservation of traditions, slowing down, returning to the roots. Some of the drawings look like children's.

The autumn-winter period in our country is characterized by low temperatures. But the skins of slaughtered animals have long been out of fashion. Experts advise to pay attention to high-quality synthetic fabrics of natural colors for down jackets or use eco fur for fur coats.

– Eco fur prints repeat the color of wild animals, and high technology makes it almost indistinguishable from natural by touch, – says the specialist. – Monochrome of soft shades is also in trend. Animal and safari drawings – "zebra", "leopard" – are also popular for lint-free fabrics. The trend is proximity to nature, use with preservation of its harmony.

Basic clothing models become interesting and unusual when using trendy prints. It was possible to get acquainted with them in the collections presented in the exposition of the textile exhibition "INTERFABRIC".

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