10.02.2017 г.
At the INTERFABRIC exhibition new textile developments for power structures will be shown, and at the Scientific Symposium on Technical Textiles, which will be held within the framework of the Russian Textile Week on February 21 this year, at Expocentre on Krasnaya Presnya, they will demonstrate their unique properties for top industry experts. Non-woven insulators for deep minus, which not only do not spread the flame, but also do not ignite from flammable liquids (gasoline, alcohol, Molotov cocktail) and are able to protect the employee from thermal exposure, developed for power structures by the domestic manufacturer. The new insulation Hollowfiber SOFT NG is characterized by increased resistance to high temperatures – these are fire-resistant materials. When heated, most synthetic materials melt. When exposed to an open flame on a new material, it does not melt, but with prolonged exposure to a flame – only charred. Thus, the possibility of getting a burn injury is eliminated. “The composition of the material is kept in a technological secret, only the basic properties are disclosed, which can save the employees of the law enforcement and security agencies,” the director for the development of the Thermopol factories (owner of Hollowfiber TM), Ph.D. Vladislav Ivanov. – Lightweight, breathable, highly elastic, hypoallergenic insulation, which allows both for a long time to be in conditions of minus temperatures, and perform tasks associated with increased physical stress. The peculiarity of the development is the highest values ​​of thermal resistance: the materials do not burn even when exposed to flammable liquids, there is no dripping melt during combustion, and the toxic emissions are minimized. ” “This is a new generation of heaters that are relevant for various sectors of the industry (oil and gas, chemical, metallurgical, defense industry, etc.),” ​​says Elena Mezentseva, chief technologist at Termopol factories. – The materials of the “Hollowfiber” of NG series (“new generation”) open new horizons for the use of non-wowens, expand the boundaries of security and the creation of such garments, which were classed as “textile futurism” before. This type of material has an increased index of limited flame propagation – 3, according to GOST ISO 15025-2012 (limited flame propagation index – a figure indicating that the material or package of materials have the properties to limit the spread of the flame in accordance with the established level). The head of the project Non-Woven Material Plants Termopol – Viktor Gontar, said:” Technical textiles are more confident coming in our lives. We are more active in mastering the achievements of the previous stages in the development of chemical technologies, which predetermined the current success of the ubiquitous introduction of “new matter”. What is now perceived as obvious, yesterday was impossible: mankind has learned from nature to create matter, which we call “technical.” A long search led us to a modern understanding of the global theme “Technical textiles.” We are at the very beginning of a huge path: industrial, scientific, research. At the INTERFABRIC exhibition and the 2nd Scientific Symposium on Technical Textiles Termopol will demonstrate the unique properties of our new developments for the main industry experts. ” In addition to innovative materials with microfibre (manufacturing since 2006), Termopol will show the revolutionary developments of Hollowfiber® ULTRA with three-dimensional fibrous labyrinths – “air traps”.
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