The Turkish company Karitex presented new items at the INTERFABRIC exhibition

28.04.2022 г.
The Karitex Group of Companies is one of the successfully and dynamically developing companies operating in the field of yarn production from natural, synthetic and mixed fibers for machine and hand knitting.

Karitex is releasing a completely new product with unique performance characteristics and hypoallergenic properties.

The basis of the company's assortment is yarn "Miral" with the following composition: 82% acrylic, 8% polyamide, 10% elastane, made of acrylic R10 HB. This spring, Turkish manufacturers introduced a novelty into the warehouse program, which was presented at the INTERFABRIC  exhibition.

"This year at "INTERFABRIC -2022.Spring" we presented our new product – threads made of 100% acrylic," said Tatiana Chamkina, Head of Sales at Karitex. – Since the exhibition is dedicated to fabrics, and our products are still yarn - we produce yarn of different composition, both a blend, which includes acrylic, elastane and polyester, and pure wool, then we did not really get into the subject. But despite this, people approached, were interested, took samples.

Therefore, we did not regret that we took part in the exhibition: the organization was very good, everything was thought out and convenient."

The factory of the Karitex company, located in Istanbul (Turkey), produces yarn for knitting flat knitting, round knitting machines, as well as for hand knitting using the most advanced and modern production equipment. The company is in the process of continuous development and is expanding its presence in the territory of the Russian Federation: it is planned to implement a full cycle of wool processing at the production site in Cherkessk, for which two factories with an area of more than 22 thousand square meters are being opened. In addition, continuing the traditions of the Ryazan cloth Factory, founded in 1853 (later May 1 Factory ), the production of yarn from natural and artificial fibers in different proportions and mixtures opens here.

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