THE SPORTEX COMPANY: One of the regular participants of the “INTERFABRIC” exhibition.

07.06.2024 г.
sporttex-logo-text.jpgThe company was founded in 1999 and now holds a leading position in the Russian market among suppliers of fabrics and equipment for thread-free production from the countries of the East (China, Korea and Taiwan). 

According to Igor Kim, the general director of the company, the first direction of the company was clothing for tourism and outdoor activities, as well as tents, bags, backpacks. Later, the company began selling membrane fabrics. Specialists have engaged in equipment for thread-free technology of processing clothing parts by welding. 

– Now our company is engaged in innovations in the garment industry. These are seamless technologies, such as high-tech work clothes. It is also clothing for sports, law enforcement agencies, hunting and fishing, and outdoor activities. We produce overhead waterproof pockets, waterproof zippers, specialized membrane fabrics, we do seam gluing, as well as seam welding. These are mainly high-tech fabrics that are supplied by Korea and China, they have a cheap segment. There are not many such fabrics in Russia. In addition, we are engaged in sports –related clothing for fitness and sports. In the latter cases, welding technology is again used so that there are no seams that would rub the skin and create discomfort when walking actively," said Igor Kim

 SportTex also supplies fabrics for the manufacture of bags and awnings, textile shoes. In addition, Korean-made materials for fashionable children's, women's and men's outerwear are supplied.

Many people at the company's stand are interested in elite work clothes. The uniqueness of such ammunition is that it should be light, keep out the cold and keep warm, with strong gusts of wind and rain, the fabric should hold water – at least up to eight hours of standing.

 – This technology came from mountaineering. In the mountains, such clothes must first of all withstand gusts of wind, cold, and in the heat it is important that the body breathes and the fabric does not let water through, Igor Kim explained. 

Now SportTex has turned out to be one of those companies that are in demand for its needs. The general director of the enterprise noted that a person sitting in the trenches also needs clothes that will be comfortable and will not let water through. The technology that came from mountaineering also helps here. In addition, special treatment should be provided for military uniforms so that the fighters are not visible in night vision devices. 

– We are very often approached by technologists who require us to perform tasks that others cannot cope with due to recent events. After all, Western large companies have stopped bringing good fabrics and clothes to us. And now everyone wants high–tech solutions, but to produce materials in Russia," said Igor Kim. According to him, Russian companies that produce membrane fabrics need equipment for work and technology. In this regard, SportTex always conducts training courses on working with its equipment, as well as on various novelties in fabrics that are available on world markets. 

Speaking about the INTERFABRIC exhibition, which is not the first time the company has participated in, Igor Kim told why he chooses it.
 – This is a well-known exhibition, which is popular with representatives of the Russian and international light industry. In the spring of 2024, we exhibited precisely with membranes. Representatives of those companies who knew us approached us. And in the autumn we are going to bring new fabrics to the site, which are produced in Korea and China, they are sold to Europe. 

By tradition, we will also bring ultralight fabrics, which were boasted of, for example, in the Japanese Uniqlo," said the CEO of SportTex.

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