The campaign promoting the Russian Textile Week and INTERTKAN exhibition is launched

13.08.2015 г.
The President of the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs of Textile and Light Industry Andrey Razbrodin gave an interview to the journalists of the Information exhibition agency “InformExpo” in which he defined the new project’s aims and the intentions of their organizers: “Our task is to present the widest range of manufacturers. We believe that the exposition should consist not of the small brokers and dealers, but of the major and world famous manufacturers of fabrics and textiles, with modern equipment, who are responsible for their products quality and delivery time. The purpose of the new exhibition is to establish cooperation of such companies, to raise funds, to create joint ventures, and, of course, to develop cooperation with foreign partners.” The project will be developed with the active participation of industry and public organizations, as well as leading industry enterprises. Some textile manufacturers from Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, China and India have already shown their interest in participation.
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