The art of special technique of printing from BabaTex - at the INTERFABRIC exhibition

20.12.2021 г.
It would seem that today fashion has already surpassed itself, having long overcome all possible boundaries of human fantasy. The store shelves have everything - new interesting shapes, colors, finishes, and nothing can surprise demanding customers any more. However, the specialists of Baba LLC are ready to argue with this statement, who for almost 20 years have not ceased to delight the manufacturers of women's clothing with exclusive, memorable, stylish and, most importantly, high-quality prints on fabrics. The company has more than ten thousand ready-made designs of the BabaTex brand, the best of which will be presented at the spring INTERFABRIC exhibition in 2022.

The history of the creation of the company began in India. The name of the company "Baba" is read with an emphasis on the second syllable - this is how the appeal to God, the father and a very respected person sounds widespread in India’s culture. The company was named after the father of a large family of industrialists, who founded a family business many decades ago. The brand came to Russia in 2003 and almost immediately conquered the Russian market: the highest quality, rich variety of patterns, shortest production times and low price - all this was instantly appreciated by domestic entrepreneurs. Today Baba LLC positions itself as a Russian company.

The quality of products manufactured in Moscow was immediately appreciated by domestic manufacturers of women's clothing: among the company's regular customers are such well-known brands as Go-Go, Krisna, Off White Russia. Fame also came in countries such as Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam, Thailand.

The advantage of the company is not only the quality and affordable price, but also the speed of work: it takes a maximum of four days to develop a client's print, and it takes only one or two days to make the order itself. And this applies to any volume, be it kilometers of fabric or only 50 meters (minimum order): the factory works round the clock.

новость_Баба1.png“Drawing on fabric with the help of paint goes back to the distant past,” says Kriplani Ravi, manager of Baba LLC. - There is an opinion that the first mentions date back to millennia BC. In the East, in ancient Egypt, in China, fabrics were painted by hand with special feather-brushes. And in the 18th century, the first dyeing machine was created. In Russia such a mechanism appeared almost a century later - in Ivanovo-Voznesensk, the oldest center of the textile industry. Today textile printing technologies have reached their peak. Our company uses the most modern equipment for printing on natural fabrics and inks that allow the image to remain the same bright even after 50 washes. "

The assortment of the company includes only polyester fabrics: supersoft, barbie, silk, milano, only 28 of its own bases. Fabrics are imported from Turkey, Korea, Dubai and China. For example, Armani silk is a beautiful fabric with a semi-matte, slightly shimmery surface, slightly elastic along the weft (lateral stretch). Very thin, delicate, flowing. It can be easily draped, the finished product fits well to the figure. Canvases of light shades (white, milky, pale pink and pale yellow) can be translucent.
It is on such bases that drawings are created - multicolored, saturated, with accurate reproduction of the finest lines, resistant to deformation even with frequent washing and active exposure to sunlight.
“The print on the fabric itself is a very interesting decorative element that creates a unique thing and a unique image,” says Kriplani Ravi. “Using a print, you can create a bright thing that will have no analogues and will help to express some idea: the use of prints gives a very wide scope for design ideas and creativity.”

At Baba, the quality of prints is complemented by their variety. Let's try to list at least a small part of them: artistic - for example, a print with portrait sketches; animalistic - leopard, zebra or giraffe print; floral - lily, jasmine, rose petals; watercolor prints with blurred outlines, newspaper prints ... There are also prints with diverse patterns: classic polka dots, minimalistic dots, drops left by the brush of a talented artist, interesting color combinations ...

Ethnic prints deserve special mention: Aztec with bright geometric patterns; paisley, or "cucumber prints", which are closely associated with the mythology of India and Iran; aloha - sunny Hawaiian pattern with palms, pineapples and flowers; tapa, combining various patterns and abstract images of animals; Mexican - here and sombrero, and tropical flowers, and skeletons, reminiscent of the Day of the Dead, which is widely celebrated in Mexico ...

But with the assortment of the catalog, the possibilities of "Baba" are not limited to: any client can get his own, exclusive print, which the designers will help him to develop - the team includes not only professionals with extensive experience in the field of textiles, but also designers with an extensive portfolio that are able to translate into reality.

“You just need to choose any fabric that suits your idea from our wide range and tell us about your wishes,” says Kriplani Ravi. - And together we will select for you that very memorable print, which will become your "highlight" in the fashion world. And if you already have interesting ideas and ideas, we are always ready to translate them into reality. It is also important that each developed print is stored in the database, and at any time, even after 10 years, this print can be found and printed. For example, you bought "lavender peas", sewed it off, and it just flew with a bang. I would like to continue the release of such a design, but this fabric is no longer there. And we always have this print, there is no need to look for anything - the client can just come and repeat it. "

It will be possible to touch this art in the spring of 2022 at the INTERFABRIC exhibition - the company will participate in it for the fifth time. “Here we find customers, new distribution channels, here we get to know suppliers of fabrics, dyes, and in other words, we combine useful with useful,” says Kriplani Ravi. - Such acquaintances are always needed, even despite the fact that we are constantly working with the only supplier of paints - this is our long-time trusted partner. This helps us maintain stability. We always come with a steady assortment - stems, colored swatches. So it will be at the INTERFABRIC-2022 exhibition. We invite everyone to our stand: the company will be represented by friendly managers who will always help and promptly answer all questions. "

At the INTERFABRIC-2022. Spring exhibition, Baba will be presented in pavilion 2, hall 2, stand 22F02. 

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