TEXTIME — a new participant of the INTERFABRIC exhibition-2017

23.01.2017 г.
Production and Trade Textile Group TEXTIME is an expert in the field of modern high-tech fabrics and materials for special clothes, as well as clothing and equipment for sports and recreation. There is own production Adventume Technologies in the structure of the company, operating under the licenses of the world’s leading companies Carrington (England) and Concordia (Belgium).
  • TEXTIME produces and delivers:
  • Fabrics and materials for special protective clothing;
  • Fire-protective fabrics, including coated and laminated;
  • Multilayered fabrics (2L, 2,5L, 3L, 4L) with lamination and coatings, with increased thermal protection properties, duplicated with microfleece, fleece, knitwear, net;
  • Ultra-light (from 30 g / m2) and elastic fabrics with stretch (2-way, 4-way);
  • High-strength fabrics using PE threads (Oxford), PA 6.6 (Cordura), etc .;
  • Fabric in combination with multispectral camouflage (visual, IR spectrum);
  • Materials for shoes, equipment (backpacks, tents), technical products (tents, etc.);
  • Fireproof threads.
  • TEXTIME is also the exclusive supplier in Russia and the CIS of the retroreflective materials VizLite (England), protective fabrics and materials Termoshield (Germany), lightning KROKO (Belgium).
  • Adventum Technologies in the structure of GK TEXTIME is a Russian high-tech production of fabrics and materials under the license of leading European companies.
  • Adventum Technologies unites in itself:
  • Production of materials with multifunctional finishes, coatings and membranes, production of bonded materials;
  • Production of fire-resistant aramid fabrics and fireproof fabrics using Proban® technology;
  • Weaving and dyeing of fabrics. In Russia, ADVENTUM TECHNOLOGIES is an exclusive license holder and the only manufacturer of woven and knitted materials for fire-resistant Proban® technology. The products of ADVENTUM TECHNOLOGIES pass obligatory multilevel quality control, which is ensured both by the automatic control system for the parameters of the process equipment in the production process, and by mandatory quality control when accepting the products and by checking each lot for compliance of the physical and mechanical properties with the specified indicators in its own production laboratory equipped with the newest test equipment.
    GK TEXTIME offers professional integrated solutions for the creation of specialized clothes and clothes for sports and recreation, meeting the latest market and legal requirements. Fabrics and materials of TEXTIME are well-known and well-proven brands in the market. Our own production in Russia allows us to react more quickly to customer requests and create fabrics and materials in accordance with the needs of the customer.
    We see our goal in raising the level of industrial safety and labor protection in Russia. To this end, the company is ready to assist Russian labor protection specialists in improving the quality of special clothing:
    • To develop professional integrated solutions for creating modern work clothes;
    • Participate as an expert in the development of internal standards of labour protection (and, as part of these standards, specifications for working clothes, taking into account the specific working conditions at the enterprise),
    • To provide special clothing for the industrial trials of special clothing, made of innovative fabrics and materials that provide maximum protection of workers, with a view to its speedy implementation into production.
    You can get acquainted with the products of the TEXTIME company at the INTERFABRIC exhibition (February 20-22, 2017, Expocentre Fairgrounds) at the stand №С-3а in pavilion №7 hall 2. For a free visit to INTERFABRIC, please register and print your personalized e-ticket: http://intertkan.ru/visitors/cabinet/ To register and become a participant of the INTERFABRIC exhibition you can HERE … To register and become a participant of the Russian Textile Week you can HERE …
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