Svetlana Mechanovich, Neva-Fabrics: we did not expect the exhibition to be so intense

07.04.2022 г.

Neva-Fabrics Trading House, a permanent exhibitor of INTERFABRIC, has been supplying and selling fabrics for sewing women's clothing since 1993. The company is one of the largest suppliers in the textile industry in Russia. The office and warehouses of Neva-Fabrics are located in St. Petersburg where direct wholesale deliveries from factories in China and Korea are carried out. 

The company's assortment includes more than a thousand types of textiles and knitwear which are distinguished by high quality and modern design of fabrics. Collections are replenished and updated several times a year, important criteria for their selection are relevance and novelty, seasonality, a modern palette of colors, compatibility in a capsule and many other qualitative requirements. 

Svetlana Mechanovich, director of Neva Fabrics, told about what the company presented at the exhibition.

- Your company is very well known by regular visitors of the exhibition. What did you bring to INTERFABRIC this year?

– It would be more accurate to say how we differ from other wholesale companies who sell fabrics and knitwear in the Russian market. Our company is located in St. Petersburg and this is a certain feature of our assortment, since the city is European and our customers are focused on European quality. These are primarily blended fabrics that are popular and that will be trending not only in this year's seasons, but also over the next two or three years. Therefore I think our great advantage is that we study the upcoming trends in depth and try to present such novelties to our customers. Our collections differ not only in assortment but also in color palette. That is, we can already present all the color solutions that will be in demand in two or three years.


– What will be the trend? What colors?

– This is a Very Perry trend – if you look at our advertising posters, they are just made in this color. Translated into Russian, these are colors from cool pink to juicy lilac. It is this palette that is in demand in all fabrics – both summer and off-season. That is, in knitwear, in casual, in elegant knitwear, in print, these combinations will be most popular.

– What do you expect from your participation in the exhibition?

– We are regular participants of the exhibition we have been taking part in it for several years. Every time we expect to meet our regular customers – large garment workers. And we constantly want to meet new designers. Because all young designers become sooner or later successful and in demand by large fashion houses and clothing industries. We raise them together – we share something with them, they teach us something. The result is a good product on the market.

– What impressions of the exhibition have become main for you?

– You know we did not expect – taking into account our experience of participation in the exhibition – that it would be so intense. But even the first day turned out to be overly eventful. There are no amendments either to the ongoing pandemic, or to the fact that some industry exhibitions were held earlier, which could have caused a smaller number of participants. This exhibition is held in the usual mode with the usual intensity. We assumed that it would be much more modest. Pleasantly surprised.

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