Sverdlovsk Worsted Plant: Russian manufacturer is beginning to be considered as partner

04.04.2022 г.

This year all the leading worsted enterprises of Russia were presented at INTERFABRIC. Among them is the oldest plant for the production of woolen fabrics, one of the pillars on which the apparel industry of our country rests, the Sverdlovsk worsted plant. It was founded in 1959 and today has vast experience in the production of suit and dress fabrics and offers a very wide range. Kristina Malysheva, Deputy Commercial Director, told about the novelties and products presented at the exhibition.

– What is there of special interest the Sverdlovsk Worsted Plant has brought to the exhibition this year?

– We have brought new colors of half-woolen and pure-woolen fabrics. This time we focused mainly on environmental friendliness, naturalness, and comfort. The stand presented colors of sand, coffee, chocolate shades - very fashionable this season.

– What is the main advantage of your fabrics?

“All of our fabrics are soft, cozy and, important, they are non-itchy, despite the fact that they contain 95 percent of wool. It may seem that the high content of wool suggests that the fabric must be scratchy, maybe even some kind of rough. But our fabrics are very soft. The ability to produce very thin, soft pure wool is provided by new equipment introduced into production. In addition our fabric drapes well. And this gives a flight of fancy for designers in terms of both colors and textures..


How is work going in today's challenging times?

- So far, we have not experienced any stalemate situations at our plant. Of course, imported raw materials and imported equipment do not give us the opportunity not to raise prices. But the rise in prices is insignificant - only 20 percent. In other words, the situation at our plant is very stable. Therefore we decided that this time we would come to the exhibition and show ourselves again in all its glory. We will show that we are steadfastly holding the line, despite the current situation in the world and in the country.

– What were the main tasks you managed to solve at the exhibition?

- Firstly, it was important for us to show that we continue to function in the same way as before. As always, we wanted to show ourselves, and also to see our suppliers of raw materials, which this year is also presented at the INTERFABRIC exhibition. However, in addition to meetings with our regular customers, it was important for us to use the good opportunity of the Textile Week business program to communicate with representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade in order to find out some issues that are of personal interest to us in our work.

- In your opinion, does the Ministry listen to entrepreneurs?

- Yes. We are actively communicating with the Ministry of Industry and Trade. And although questions arise constantly, and today there are a lot of them, support also has a place to be. We asked a number of questions while still in Yekaterinburg before the start of the exhibition. And, I hope, they were heard - SOYUZLEGPROM helps us quite seriously in this.

– Please share your impressions about the exhibition.

- We noticed already on the first day that there were much more visitors than usual. We have been participating in the INTERFABRIC exhibition for six years already, and this year we were simply amazed by how many people came to the exhibition. All market players are beginning to consider the Russian supplier of fabrics, the Russian manufacturer as potential partners. It is all the more important for them if the manufacturer is located directly in Russia and does not deal with any second-hand deals. That is, our current situation is a plus for us. And, of course, it was nice to hear many words of praise for the fact that we still exist and continue to produce fabrics, and very good and high-quality ones at that.

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