Simteks: at the exhibition we are carefully studying the new trends of the upcoming seasons

02.06.2022 г.
A huge range of knitted fabrics for children, women and men is the result of the work of a well–coordinated team of Simteks, which is the official representative of the largest textile factory in Turkey, Toraman Tekstil. In the Russian textile and apparel industry market Simteks established itself many years ago as one of the largest companies in the wholesale of knitted fabrics, but which, despite its achievements, continues to develop dynamically. It will be possible to verify this at the exhibition "Interfabric-2022.Autumn", where the company will present new collections of materials of the latest fashion trends.

The factory has a complete closed production cycle – from knitting to dyeing and printing. The plant with an area of 36,000 square meters is engaged in a full cycle of production of knitted fabric, starting from the harsh and ending with all kinds of printing fixations. The priority task in the development of the enterprise is considered to be the production of materials from environmentally friendly raw materials, of which organic cotton has become a kind of standard. It is grown without chemicals and is not subject to modifications, thereby following the principles of preserving the natural environment.

All other stages of production – after the selection of raw materials – are also organized "wisely": they use the latest machines, apply modern waste disposal schemes, introduce additional quality control systems. To dye yarn or finished knitted fabric, the factory buys harmless dyes. Thanks to such standards, the company easily receives certificates confirming the excellent quality of yarn and the safety of canvases
The factory is furnished with the most modern Italian equipment, which includes more than 80 circular knitting machines, the production of fabrics of the desired quality is controlled instantly: 60% of the products are controlled automatically, the remaining 40% is controlled by specialists from the quality department.

The capacity of the factory at the moment is 40 tons per day. The daily capacity is more than 60 tons, so the plans include territorial expansion and an even greater increase in productivity. But already now the factory exports its products to countries such as Greece, Bulgaria, Denmark, Morocco, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Turkey. The largest consumer of Toraman Tekstil products is Russia.
The Turkish factory feels very confident in the Russian market, largely due to the fact that Simteks was founded in Moscow in 2006. Today, in addition to the capital, it has warehouses in Ivanovo and Yekaterinburg, which maintain an assortment of knitted fabrics relevant for the current season, a variety of lines of both standard groups of fabrics and fabrics corresponding to the main seasonal trends of the textile industry. Designers offer numerous options for stuffing and color combinations, but in addition, they can easily make any canvas to order with the author's drawing of the client and the characteristics they need. To cover the entire range of products that Simteks presents in Russia the volume of one news item will not be enough: the company offers the market such a number of positions that it is difficult to describe them in one text.

This is a culinary surface – printed cotton, printed smooth–dyed, printed "stocking" (female, children's, men's), printed and smooth-dyed with lycra; and interlock - printed, smooth-dyed; and ribana, and a two-thread and three-thread footer, and selanic, velour... These are both printed and plain viscoses – both for outerwear and for the home group; and canvases with Modal composition, and all kinds of terry cloth, and lacoste for men's products, and kapitonium for home clothes and textiles, and kashkorse, which is now used almost everywhere – from hats to dresses, turtlenecks, crop tops, underwear, leggings… These are both jacquards, and a staple, and fancy fabrics, and knitwear for corset underwear and many other types of knitted fabrics.

"We are carefully studying the new trends of the upcoming seasons, participating in textile exhibitions in Russia, such as INTERFABRIC studying the consumer market in all information fields. We also regularly monitor Pantone's coloristics, taking it into account when choosing new and regular collections. For the last three years, we have been introducing fashionable colors into our coloristics, both in monotones and in drawings," the company's representatives say. – As for seasonality, we also take it into account: recently it has shifted to earlier dates. If earlier customers wanted to talk about winter no earlier than August-September, now it's already the beginning of April – June. And at the present time, this is one of the points of good sales – to be on time, to be the first to offer your product. We also take this into account, so already at this stage we are preparing winter goods: a footer, a threefold fleece, a pajama band, a New Year's collection."

What novelties the company will prepare for the next season can be seen at the exhibition "Interfabric-2022.Autumn": Simteks will demonstrate collections of canvases at its stand 73A02.

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