04.05.2020 г.

Shaoxing Bahong Textile Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014.

The company specializes in the manufacture, wholesale and export of lining and knitted fabrics for clothing. It is located in Shaoxing City (Zhejiang Province), which is the largest textile center in China.

The production facilities of the company are more than 300 looms for the production of a variety of lining fabrics ( satin, dobby, jacquard) and more than 30 circular knitting machines for the production of knitted fabrics.

At present, Shaoxing Bahong Textile has mastered the production of polyurethane-coated fabrics for personal protective suits.

These fabrics are made on the basis of Taffet fabric with a polyurethane coating of different thicknesses, which allows to obtain a different degree of water resistance.

This fabric is used when sewing outerwear (jackets, pants, overalls), shoe covers, bags, covers, curtains and other products in which the fabric will be waterproof to provide the necessary level of protection. Employees of various services can wear protective suits of this fabric over their service uniforms.

2020-04-28 11-22-36 copy.JPGPolyurethane-coated fabric has high wear resistance, which allows multiple use of products from it. The fabric is available in blue and white. It is possible to apply coatings with varying degrees of water resistance from PU600 to PU3000.

‘At present, China has practically removed all the restrictive measures that were in force during the epidemic. Our company operates at full capacity and we produce about 300 thousand linear meters of polyurethane-coated fabrics daily. If the demand for these fabrics continues to grow, we can redistribute our production facilities, switch to a more intensive mode of operation and produce up to one million linear meters every day.’ - notes the director of the company, Ms. Dan Song Hua.

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